8 Presidents' Day Recipes Based on Famed Hated Foods of the Commanders-in-Chief

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with certain privileges, chief among them, having a staff available to supply you with as much of your favorite foods as you want. Alternately, and perhaps a bigger privilege...

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Good and old school.

by fara 5 years ago

We tried Reginas in allston the other night. loaded small pizza, cheese pizza meal for the kid, and dh liked his sandwich. Admittedly dh is a fan of this bar atmosphere. Also it was fun to sit next...

Lola in Great Neck - anyone been?

by LloydG 10 years ago

Last night I walked past what looks to be a brand new restaurant in Great Neck called Lola. It is next to the movie theater in the space where Natalie's Place used to be. The menu could best be des...

Chicken Marsala

by skier 5 years ago

I recently picked up a copy of "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well", a fascinating book first published in 1891 about middle-class Italian cooking. It has a recipe for chicken marsal...

Help please with picking the tastiest.

by Mento 5 years ago

Hi guys... So i'm a big fan of the City but haven't been in years and have missed on so many restaurants. I get to go next month and will have 2-3 dinners that I'll get to choose and I'm resor...

Hamburger Hamlet

by xoxohh 5 years ago

Hi All...Having dinner at the resurrected Hamlet...anything worth while?

"Chef" The Film & It's Food

by wienermobile 6 years ago

Saw "Chef" The Film over the weekend and I think most Chowhhounds would truly enjoy this wonderful film. Truly entertaining. Warning you will leave the theater very hungry. Article from LA Times ha...

Very specific restaurant criteria

by debbie421 5 years ago

Hi Hounds! I'm trying to find a restaurant for my husband's birthday that fits very specific criteria. I keep thinking I'm missing a gem! Help me out, please. 1. My husband prefers American f...

What exactly is Native American cuisine?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

I know that Native Americans used corn heavily as one of their staples, and perhaps lots of game meat (e.g. deer, rabbit, etc.). But beyond that I'm not really clear as to what constitutes Nativ...

A McDonald's Big Mac clone with homemade "Special Sauce" recipe & tips

by smaki 5 years ago

I loved Big Mac's when a kid. Many locations started charging for extra big mac special sauce creating dry burger combinations in recent years. Warm wilted lettuce sucks. Too often my meal gets ho...

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

by johnblacksox 5 years ago

I *love* Hamersley's Bistro. I live a little over an hour away, west of Boston, and for every special occasion, or when I just want a great evening out, I book a table at Hamersley's. Now that...

Dinner in Manhattan for memorable occasion, but not $$$$$$$$

by northxnortheast 5 years ago

Looking for an interesting restaurant, $$$ but not $$$$ OR $$$$$, American, Italian, steak or fish, preferably mid-town south, with lots of atmosphere, well-recommended for a special birthday dinne...

Food/Candy that the U.S. has but Canada doesn't ?

by AlyssaJG 5 years ago

I have a friend that lives in Canada and I wanted to send her a package with some small gifts and some food/candy. I'm just curious as to what the United States has that Canada doesn't. Any answers...

American stuff (foodstuffs, equipment, etc.) you can't find in Canada?

by inibble 10 years ago

I'm visiting the US for the holidays, and want to stock up on things that I can't find or have a hard time finding in Montreal. I'd already made American visitors bring me grits, orange tic tacs (j...

Pi Day: Strawberry Pie @ Elli's in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

We commemorated Pie Day (3.14) with an individual strawberry pie, $4.25, house-baked at Elli's Great American. While I was somewhat leery of the gigantic berries, assuming they were cultivated mor...

Top 10 (20?) American-Chinese dishes

by KilgoreTrout 8 years ago

Long story why I need this list. Basic reason people from different parts of the US complaining about the differences in regional American Chinese food. I hope to reconcile the various answers ho...

Cooking from Molly O'Neill's "One Big Table"

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 9 years ago

There were several nominations for OBT in the February COTM nominations thread, but a couple of posters also expressed that they found O'Neill's previous "New York Cookbook" uninspiring. I imagine ...

hot dogs without nitrates?

by bluebetta 17 years ago

I'm no expert on hotdogs, so I was wondering if there are hotdogs that do not contain nitrates or are nitrates part of the definition of hotdogs?

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