Classic American Dishes That Are No Longer on Menus

Just like fashion styles, food trends come and go. There are a host of classic American foods that have withstood the test of time—like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and mac and cheese—but many traditional...

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"American" goulash -- what's your family's version?

by TorontoJo 7 years ago

iL Divo and I were having fun in another thread talking about authentic Hungarian goulash and porkolt versus the "goulash" our parents made in the U.S. and Canada when we were young. Link to that ...

Gift basket from America?

by Oswin 4 years ago

If you were getting a gift basket of American food, what would you like to see in it? I do realize most American foods can be bought in larger cities, so I'm looking for novelties you might not as ...

Brothers in Brookline - not just for breakfast any more!

by BobB 4 years ago

I had pretty much ignored this new addition to my neighborhood until recently - I'd heard it was good for breakfast but nothing more. I've now eaten there for dinner three times in the past two...

Grandma friendly restaurants

by lilinjun 4 years ago

Need your guys' help with this one. My husband's 85 yr old grandmother is coming to visit for the first (and likely only time). I'd like to take her our to one or two nice meals, in order to se...

Swifty.com 17 "American" Food Aisles From Other Countries

by gaffk 4 years ago

A look at some of the "American" aisles in European Grocery stores. Lots of pop tarts, sugary cereals, pancake mix, "pancake syrup" (not to be confused with actual maple syrup). Marshmallow fluff...

Solo Dinner in NYC

by AJOMM 4 years ago

Location: walking distance or easy cab ride from Union Square. Cost: food + alcohol for 1 should not be more than $65. Food: partial to Italian and new American. Ambience: lively, perhaps bar seati...

NEW: Alta CA- Daniel Patterson's new restaurant in Mid-Market, SF - any reports?

by hhc 6 years ago

Alta CA opened for dinner Th 12/5/13, hope to read some reports of Daniel Patterson's new restaurant in Mid-Market, SF. Alta CA 1420 Market St near 10th & Fell St, SF Hrs: M-F 11am-2AM; Sat...

US Expat in Sydney; hard time finding US foods in markets!

by diaphainein 7 years ago

I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana via Dallas, Texas, and have found a hell of a time finding foods I am used to in markets around Sydney. Things like... Yellow Wisconsin-style cheddar (...

Mourad (from Aziza) [San Francisco]

by mr_darcy 5 years ago

Had a very enjoyable meal at Mourad Lahlou's eponymous restaurant last night, and thought I'd post about it since I didn't see any other mention here. In general, I would describe the food as si...

Cheap Italian Birthday Dinner Restaurants??

by lulufood 4 years ago

hi chow peeps, i'm looking for a place to go for a friends birthday. Im 18 and I don't want to spend a lot of money. We all agreed on Italian/American food. We also want to stay in the Manhattan ar...


by paranoidgarliclover 5 years ago

After reading about it a few yrs ago, I finally got to try it tonight! Was stuck in a meeting, so partner ordered for delivery (didn't know they delivered!). Took about 45 mins. Not 100% sure pa...

American food in philly

by BigTBanshee 4 years ago

After living in this glorious country for the last 24 years I'm finally becoming an American citizen this Friday. I figured I'd try and find the most American restaurant I could for that day, any t...

French-American cuisine

by tatamagouche 9 years ago

There are Americanized versions of Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc. But is there such a thing as French-American cuisine? I can't think of any examples offhand...if not, why not?

Why are baked beans for breakfast popular in the UK, but no longer popular in the US?

by bismarck88 4 years ago

Fro my understanding the tinned baked beans were originally imported from the US. Heinz is the most popular brand for baked beans in the UK, even though its American company. Many beans are native ...

please recommend [Will travel from Rockland and New Rochelle]

by smilingal 5 years ago

Taking family out to celebrate kids 10th anniversary. Thought of Blue Hill at Stone Barn - but have read some not so great things here on CH and just went to look at the menu and was floored to re...

Afro Deli

by discus 5 years ago

Just had my first meal at their Minneapolis location (1939 South 5th Street) near the campus and the food was absolutely wonderful. (I understand they have another location in St. Paul.) She had ...

Tuome - Modern American Chinese

by Pookipichu 5 years ago

Tuome is the brainchild of chef Thomas Chen, (formerly of EMP) a modern American restaurant in the EV with Chinese influences. The decor is modern Chinese rustic and the space is inviting, attra...

Client lunch by Lincoln Center

by edc09 5 years ago

Hi guys, I need to give suggestions for a client lunch by Lincoln Center. The suggestions I already gave were shot down (see below). Looking at $20 plates (per person). The client likes Ame...

Any Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Central New Jersey ?

by Funkalicious 8 years ago

I'm aware of all the Indian and Asian Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants like Chand Palace or Veggie Heaven. It's either hard to find or they don't exist but I can't find any American/deli sty...

Dinner: Doris Metropolitan, 3/30

by zin1953 5 years ago

Why isn't there an apostrophe? It's not "Doris," as in "Day"; it's "Dori's," as in "belonging to Dori." Whatever . . . For our last dinner in NOLA, we checked in here. A funny thing happened...

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