Amarillo this Friday night--help!

by twobluecats 11 years ago

Hubby, me, mom, and grandma are headed to Amarillo from Dallas (driving) on Friday afternoon. We hope to arrive in A...


ErikSatie commented 1 year ago

Parent's 40th anniversary, will be in Amarillo

by scarlet_eater 3 years ago

My parents are RVing this summer and in the middle will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They will be in Ama...

brucesw commented 3 years ago

Dinner on the way from Amarillo to Shreveport

by JimJoyce2525 3 years ago

Friends and I are driving from Albuquerque to Shreveport on a Monday in May. Lunch will probably be in Amarillo, but...

GroovinGourmet commented 3 years ago

British Honeymoon Couple, 7 May 2013 Amarillo, TX

by Thebirniewedding 5 years ago

We are travelling from Oklahoma to Amarillo for one night on May 7th. We would like recommendations of somewhere good...

Lambowner commented 4 years ago

Frito Pie in Amarillo

by ohso 4 years ago

Where can I find the best? I've heard good things about the Golden Rule, is there better out there? Thanks

brucesw commented 4 years ago

BBQ in Amarillo

by Proko 13 years ago

Hi - Passing through Amarillo from Dallas this week. We're looking for some good BBQ during the lunch hour. We went...

Perilagu Khan commented 5 years ago

Amarillo Valentines

by adamsonj 5 years ago

My wife and I will be in Amarillo for valentines. What do ya'll suggest for a nice dinner? (not Big Texan) We are wil...


tasneem commented 5 years ago

Where to dine in Amarillo?

by adamsonj 5 years ago

looking for a nice dinner in Amarillo, preferably in or near downtown.What do y'all suggest?

amykragan commented 5 years ago

Thanksgiving in Canyon/Amarillo

by amykragan 6 years ago

Will be spending Thanksgiving with the father-in-law this year. Any suggestions on a high caliber place that might...

amykragan commented 6 years ago

Amarillo report

by patrickfromtoronto 8 years ago

I see that other posters have found Amarillo a challenge as well, and I thought I'd just share my experiences after b...


emoore commented 6 years ago

Amarillo to Tucson via (mostley) US 70

by alan 6 years ago

I will be driving my daughter to Tucson to start the U. of Arizona in a few weeks. We're leaving from St. Louis, sto...

DriverPhil commented 6 years ago

Driving across TX- Shreveport, LA to Dallas on I-20, then 287 to Amarillo.

by caviar_and_chitlins 7 years ago

I've looked at lots of threads, but can't find one that covers this expanse- especially the hwy 287 part. Can anyone...


Littleman commented 7 years ago

Just passing thru Amarillo this week

by P Macias 7 years ago

I'll only be here one evening but I do like a good evening meal after driving all day. It doesn't have to be fancy, j...


SailorWes commented 7 years ago

Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo

by Brian S 7 years ago

I was at a Jackson Browne concert more years ago than I care to remember, and as he played there were some timorous, ...

texasredtop commented 7 years ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

New Chowhound Visiting Amarillo, TX. Need dining suggestions.

by geno beano 7 years ago

My wife and I are recent transplants from St. Louis to SE NM. We miss Italian food from the Hill in St. Louis and fr...

veg in amarillo?

by eatlove 7 years ago

my husband and i are looking for vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in amarillo, tx. we will be driving through...


SailorWes commented 7 years ago

Steak in Amarillo

by rempah 8 years ago

I've read through some previous posts, but there seems to be no consensus on the best place to go for a steak in Amar...


nallen commented 8 years ago

Memphis to Amarillo

by sarah galvin 8 years ago

Will be driving and looking for any good food for quick lunches between Memphis and Amarillo? Not chains, if possibl...

sarah galvin commented 8 years ago

Dallas-Bowie-Wichita Falls-Amarillo-Santa Fe

by Dallassooner 8 years ago

Any good recommendations? Leaving Dallas in the morning about 6:00 should be in Wichita Falls by Breakfast, and some...


Woofy commented 8 years ago

Road trip: Amarillo down towards New Orleans....

by janetofreno 8 years ago

Helping son and hubby plan a road trip for late May/early June...either hubby or son's girlfriend will be helping him...


Dallassooner commented 8 years ago