Best place to eat on Route 66 between Oklahoma City and Amarillo?

by adri57 3 years ago

This stretch of the route seems to be very short of places to eat. As we're planning on dining at the Big Texan in Amarillo in the evening, we'll only need a sandwich at lunchtime, probably in the ...

Amarillo this Friday night--help!

by twobluecats 15 years ago

Hubby, me, mom, and grandma are headed to Amarillo from Dallas (driving) on Friday afternoon. We hope to arrive in Amarillo around 6-7pm, and I'd love to take everyone to a great place for dinner....

Parent's 40th anniversary, will be in Amarillo

by scarlet_eater 7 years ago

My parents are RVing this summer and in the middle will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They will be in Amarillo that night. I've been looking around for nice places to send them, and the...

Dinner on the way from Amarillo to Shreveport

by JimJoyce2525 7 years ago

Friends and I are driving from Albuquerque to Shreveport on a Monday in May. Lunch will probably be in Amarillo, but we could use suggestions for dinner somewhere along the way from Amarillo to Sh...

British Honeymoon Couple, 7 May 2013 Amarillo, TX

by Thebirniewedding 9 years ago

We are travelling from Oklahoma to Amarillo for one night on May 7th. We would like recommendations of somewhere good to eat (and drink) and any advice you might offer us. Are there any local e...

Frito Pie in Amarillo

by ohso 8 years ago

Where can I find the best? I've heard good things about the Golden Rule, is there better out there? Thanks

BBQ in Amarillo

by Proko 16 years ago

Hi - Passing through Amarillo from Dallas this week. We're looking for some good BBQ during the lunch hour. We went to Dyer's last year...pretty good, among the best ribs I've had in a long time!...

Amarillo Valentines

by adamsonj 9 years ago

My wife and I will be in Amarillo for valentines. What do ya'll suggest for a nice dinner? (not Big Texan) We are willing to drive for a bit if neccesary. (Hereford etc) Something overlooking the c...

Where to dine in Amarillo?

by adamsonj 9 years ago

looking for a nice dinner in Amarillo, preferably in or near downtown.What do y'all suggest?

Thanksgiving in Canyon/Amarillo

by amykragan 10 years ago

Will be spending Thanksgiving with the father-in-law this year. Any suggestions on a high caliber place that might be open on Turkey Day? If not, what about Friday after?

Amarillo report

by patrickfromtoronto 12 years ago

I see that other posters have found Amarillo a challenge as well, and I thought I'd just share my experiences after being unexpectedly stuck there for a day in the middle of a trip. Generally:...

Amarillo to Tucson via (mostley) US 70

by alan 10 years ago

I will be driving my daughter to Tucson to start the U. of Arizona in a few weeks. We're leaving from St. Louis, stopping overnight in Amarillo, and then continuing through New Mexico on the way t...

Driving across TX- Shreveport, LA to Dallas on I-20, then 287 to Amarillo.

by caviar_and_chitlins 11 years ago

I've looked at lots of threads, but can't find one that covers this expanse- especially the hwy 287 part. Can anyone help with this stretch of road? Any kind of food welcome, as long as it's made...

Just passing thru Amarillo this week

by P Macias 11 years ago

I'll only be here one evening but I do like a good evening meal after driving all day. It doesn't have to be fancy, just good. And are there any bakeries for moring pastry and coffee? I appreciat...

Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo

Brian S
by Brian S 11 years ago

I was at a Jackson Browne concert more years ago than I care to remember, and as he played there were some timorous, half-hearted cries of "Boogie". So Jackson Browne stopped singing and said, "if ...

New Chowhound Visiting Amarillo, TX. Need dining suggestions.

by geno beano 11 years ago

My wife and I are recent transplants from St. Louis to SE NM. We miss Italian food from the Hill in St. Louis and fresh fish is nowhere to be found in SE NM. So I need your suggestions for the fo...

veg in amarillo?

by eatlove 11 years ago

my husband and i are looking for vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in amarillo, tx. we will be driving through on a road trip and are looking for some options other than the usual veg roadtr...

Steak in Amarillo

by rempah 12 years ago

I've read through some previous posts, but there seems to be no consensus on the best place to go for a steak in Amarillo. Right now I'm looking at Country Barn (too touristy?) or Hoffbrau. Would...

Memphis to Amarillo

sarah galvin
by sarah galvin 12 years ago

Will be driving and looking for any good food for quick lunches between Memphis and Amarillo? Not chains, if possible.

Dallas-Bowie-Wichita Falls-Amarillo-Santa Fe

by Dallassooner 12 years ago

Any good recommendations? Leaving Dallas in the morning about 6:00 should be in Wichita Falls by Breakfast, and somewhere in NM for lunch. Then it is the reverse on the way home. Have eaten di...