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Are Glass Pie Pans Best for Browned Bottom Crusts?

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Aluminum Fry Pan and Sauce Pan

by RunBe4UFly 13 years ago

Just came across some aluminum fry pan and saunce pan. NSF stamped on the bottom and "3004 Alloy" too. Anyone knows what that 3004 alloy is? Does anyone use aluminum pan anymore? Those pans look ...

Aluminum Bottles

by Loren3 13 years ago

Here in the twins, we can get Stite beer in those new aluminum bottles. Stite is made by Gluek's, a local Minnesota brewery. When I was young, in the boy scouts, we'd go hiking on hot Texas s...

care of aluminium cake tins

by Pete S 13 years ago

I have some cake tins I bought from Williams Sonoma a few years back. I believe they are heavy guage aluminium (they are not non stick). Recently, I have noticed that the surface seems to have beco...

Possible to bond aluminum to my SS cookware?

by Grubbjunkie 13 years ago

Ok, have seen this mentioned but I did a search and come up with nothing. I have a set of four stainless steel pots and pans I purchased at Dehillerin in Paris about 8 years ago (before I knew enou...

Cuisinart anodized aluminum stockpot

by panoz 13 years ago

I'm searching for a stockpot that I would be able to do a light saute or sweat of mirapoix, and if possible, browing meats. Today I looked at a Cuisinart hard anodized stockpot with the glass lid....

White residue on vintage aluminum? cookware.........

by Displaced California Foodie 13 years ago

I am using one of my grandmother's "majestic cookware" pots- it may be aluminum? I use it to boil water for hard boiled eggs. Every time I use it a white residue appears in the pot. I inadvertently...

aluminum pans

by robinanne221 13 years ago

I have some aluminum pans that belonged to my mother. They have wooden handles which are no longer secure and spin around. Any suggestions as to how to fix? Where to fix? many thanks

is my aluminum mixing bowl safe?

by missmasala 13 years ago

I have a very old kichen-aid mixer that is from a garage sale. the bowl is aluminum and sometimes rusts a little at the bottom. lately i have been using the mixer--and the bowl--a lot to make br...

Anodized Aluminum pot for cheesemaking?

by CravingLady 14 years ago

I'm getting set to try my hand at making cheeses at home, but I'm hoping to avoid having to buy unnecessary equipment. Does anyone know if one can use an anodized aluminum (which, unlike regular a...

anodized aluminum vs. stainless steel ISI

by babette feasts 14 years ago

I'm shopping for whipped cream dispensers to be used for a variety of sweet things other than cream, and am having a brain spasm when it comes to what the practical difference between the metals wo...

ISO: Non-Aluminum Rice Cooker

by EMZ 14 years ago

Anyone have a non-aluminum rice cooker they love?? I'd love to find one that's not terribly expensive. TIA

Copper vs: Aluminum Cookware Question

by Niki Rothman 14 years ago

I received a catalog from JC Penny featuring their house brand "Cooks" cookware and it's very interesting. They offer two All-Clad clones: #1 = a 3 ply satinless/aluminum/stainless sandwich at $99 ...

grilling - aluminum science question

by pitu 14 years ago

Adamclyde's jerk chicken recipe is getting soon to hit the grill . . . but we've got a bag of natural charcoal that has many many small bits that are falling through to the bottom of the grill....

What was I thinking--Tomatoes & Aluminum!

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

Well it was time to harvest and roast some tomatoes from the garden (about 15 lbs of yellow Hazel Mae's, & 15 lbs of misc. red ones). It didn't occur to me until *after* I roasted the tomatoes (a...

Anodized Aluminum OK for Smoothtop?

by catnip 15 years ago

I just got a KitchenAid electric smoothtop range and was horrified to see in the instructions that "unifinished" aluminum cookware can leave permanent marks on the smoothtop cooking surface. Wha...

Aluminium pots ok to cook ?

by Han Lukito 15 years ago

I bought a pressure cooker that apprarently is made of aluminium material because it is not heavy. Any downside ? I heard there are possible reactions with some foods. Is there some websites ...

Aluminum in cheese

by Min 16 years ago

Peace greetings to all; I read something last week that "aluminum" is added to the processing of cheese so the cheese will melt. Is there truth to this, and can anyone direct me to finding out fo...

aluminum chef competition

by messycook 16 years ago

My significant other is getting together with 3 of his friends this upcoming weekend. They do this every year & take turns planning competitive events - so he has thought of doing something similar...

stainless/aluminum tambour door

by Napa Foodie 16 years ago

I am trying to locate a stainless (or alum. if necessary) tambour door for custom size cabinet (appx 2' x 18"). Hafele is prohibitively expensive! Any sources would be greatly appreciated.

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