Step Aside Potato Salad: This Mediterranean Potato-Garlic Side Is King

Labor Day means plenty of potato salad, but if you're bored with it after indulging at one too many summer BBQs or picnics already, skordalia is the creamy, garlic-infused potato dip of your dreams...

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Almond Marzipan Meal

by SarahCW 6 years ago

So I have this vintage pie recipe I've found that I've been challenged to make. It is an unbaked peach pie--of the whipped cream whipped egg white kind. It calls for almond marzipan meal to be plac...

Help please! Grinding nut flours (question regarding making almond torte)

by shoshanad 12 years ago

I posted a flourless almond torte recipe to my blog (http://www.naturalchefshoshana.blogspot.com/) and had a friend ask me a question I don't know the answer to, so thought I'd query fellow Chowhou...

Is it time to stop buying/eating almonds?

by MGZ 6 years ago

I'm curious. Given the severity of the California drought and the enormous amount of water used for agriculture, are you avoiding products like almonds? One example of some background informa...

Doubling Kristen King's Almond Squares

by Thanks4Food 9 years ago

Here's the recipe: http://www.examiner.com/article/chewy-almond-square-recipe This was recommended to me on another thread, and it's been a big hit. I promised a double batch to someone for a pa...

Unusual..but delicious...ice cream flavors

by smdeneau 14 years ago

I recently visited some friends in Chester County, PA and they took me to a great little Mexican-American ice cream shop in Kennett Square that served several unusual ice cream flavors. I tried th...

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