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Marcona Almonds - Inedible?

by krissywats 11 years ago

I purchased some marcona almonds from Trader Joe's that are salted and have bits of rosemary. I was so excited to tr...


OliveYou2 commented 27 days ago

Substituting Almond Meal/Flour for Ground Almonds

by JoanNYC 3 years ago

Going to bake a cake (Maida Heatter's "Queen Mother Cake") that calls for 6.5 ounces of ground almonds/finely ground....

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 5 months ago

Paso Almond Brittle | San Luis Obispo

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill had samples out of Paso Almond Brittle to try.


Mul commented 8 months ago

Roasting almonds at home

by Bliss149 10 months ago

This seems like it would be easy but they are not coming out right. I became addicted to the canned Salt and Vine...


MidwesternerTT commented 10 months ago

Ebinger's cake with mocha frosting and slivered almonds

by drwalsh12 10 years ago

I have been trying to find recipe that used to be in Ebinger's bakery. My mom said it was her favorite cake as a kid...


lingale commented 1 year ago

Ground Almonds for Macarons?

by CupcakeFarmer 1 year ago

Hi, I made macarons this week and I'd forgotten how hard it is to get the ground almonds through the sieve! It takes ...


CupcakeFarmer commented 1 year ago

Almond Extract and Nut Allergy

by SaraASR 10 years ago

Does anyone know if people who are allergic to nuts (like almonds) also have an allergy to Almond Extract. I am makin...


tinagill commented 1 year ago

Source for green almonds in Boston?

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

Has anyone seen Green Almonds in the Boston area? I've never encountered these before, but there is a new article ...


bear commented 1 year ago

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Marzipan in Italy

by henrikbe 2 years ago

Whenever I'm in Germany, one of the highlights for me is eating loads of Niederegger marzipan, and buying a few packs...

Can you sliver whole almonds in a Food Processor?

by pdxgastro 9 years ago

I always have whole almonds at home (Costco bag in the freezer). I like to use slivered almonds in desserts and such ...


myrabbitbarn commented 2 years ago

Slicing Whole Almonds

by mialebven 11 years ago

I would like to know what's the best way to slice whole almonds? Are there any tricks? Tips?


jcharrigan commented 3 years ago

Need a Jam recipe...

by Sadistick 3 years ago

An abundance of Pears has led me to make an attempt at an amazing jam I once had in France consisting of Pears and Al...


Sueki commented 3 years ago

What do bitter almonds look like?

by Miss Needle 5 years ago

I purchased some raw almonds from a bulk bin about 2-3 weeks ago. I haven't eaten them until today. I ate a few and i...


someone_else commented 3 years ago

Help!... attempt at blanching almonds is a BUST. skins won't come off

by HighHeels 7 years ago

I am attempting to blanch a pound of almonds. I have committed to making macarons for a charity event for Wednesday ...


edouble commented 3 years ago

TJ's marcona almonds, any way to weed out bitter ones?

by emdb 14 years ago

I love Trader Joe's marcona almonds, but about every other bag or so, there's a half a dozen or so terribly bitter, s...


lakotasue commented 3 years ago

Adding water to homemade almond butter

by Tableya 4 years ago

I've tried making almond butter twice this week and both times I had to add water (which I know all recipes say not t...


MikeG commented 3 years ago

recipe help: almond cake/bar cookie?

by hotoynoodle 4 years ago

5-10 years ago there was a recipe floating around here for an almond bar. originally published in a west coast ...


hotoynoodle commented 3 years ago

Almond Marzipan Meal

by SarahCW 3 years ago

So I have this vintage pie recipe I've found that I've been challenged to make. It is an unbaked peach pie--of the wh...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 3 years ago

Help please! Grinding nut flours (question regarding making almond torte)

by shoshanad 9 years ago

I posted a flourless almond torte recipe to my blog ( and had a friend a...


wmlundeen commented 3 years ago