Almond Milk

Make Almond Milk in 2 Minutes Flat with This Genius Trick

You can make almond milk (or other homemade nut milk) in no time at all with this ingeniously easy hack. If you're anything like me, you’re avoiding going to the supermarket at all costs right now...

Cocolate pudding mix with almond milk

by EvanM 2 years ago

Jello low sugar chocolate pudding is OK pareve. The instructions say that if you make it with soy milk it will not set. What about other non-dairy alternatives? Can I make it with almond milk or ca...

Substituting almond milk for cow's milk in baking?

by mels 7 years ago

I recently found that I can no longer tolerate dairy, much to my chagrin. I have been using almond milk (plain, unsweetened) in my morning oatmeal but I was wondering if I could substitute it for c...

Homemade dairy free yogurt fizzing/carbonated?

by Nikimcarter 4 years ago

Ive made dairy free yogurt twice now. Once with almond milk yogurt starter, once with coconut milk yogurt starter (store bought yogurts). I wanted to add low calorie protein to it too, as I'm used ...

Non Dairy Milk Update

by Ttrockwood 6 years ago

The few years there has been such a huge variety of non dairy milks added to store shelves it's bard to keep up! I remember back when it was basically just plain soymilk-which tasted really "bean-y...

Is commercial almond milk really healthy?

by Lady_Tenar 10 years ago

I really like milk but I'm trying to decrease the amount of dairy I consume, so I'm giving almond milk a shot. I just bought half a gallon of the 365 Whole Foods brand, organic and unsweetened. It ...

Almond milk is even more of a scam than we thought

by DGresh 6 years ago

I've never tried it (I like cow milk just fine, thanks) but had no idea it's basically water, a bunch of "thickeners" and 2% almonds. Ingredients Spring Water, Almonds (2%), Calcium Carbonate...

Soy Milk vs. Rice Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Skim Milk vs. ???

by TroyTempest 8 years ago

So I have bee trying to eat a little healthier and bring my own cereal and milk to the office for breakfast. In choosing milk i was looking for low calories, so i picked the unsweetened Vanilla fl...

Now that I am Not Low Carbing, what to do with Coconut Almond Milk

by stural 6 years ago

Hi All, I have decided I would rather have friends than a svelte waistline so I have recently stopped my LCHF lifestyle. I have a box of Almond Breeze Coconut/ Almond Milk, unsweetened. Any idea...

Almond milk for buttermilk?

by bxgirl 6 years ago

For a dairy-free substitute, can I add vinegar(or lemon juice) to almond milk to use as a substitute for cow's milk buttermilk? Thanks

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