Bebe Fusion (Taiwanese) in Pictures

by Porthos 4 years ago

Well Tony C was right again, this place does raise Taiwanese food to the next level. That guy should start a blog or ...

Melanie Wong commented 4 months ago

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Brick Macaron Ice Cream

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Brick Macaron Ice Cream from Southern California is making inroads in the Bay Area. I first spotted the cooler at The...

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Top Island in Alhambra: Dim Sum or Dinner?

by TripleAxel 1 year ago

Has anyone been to Top Island in the last year? I heard from a friend who said their food at dinner was top notch, i...

Supersize Me! New 99 Ranch in Alhambra

by Will Owen 2 years ago

There was an article maybe a month back in one of the papers, LAT or Pasadena Star-News, about folks getting their kn...

Will Owen commented 2 years ago

China's Best Is In Alhambra

by Chandavkl 2 years ago

That's the name of the restaurant, China's Best. It's by the Ambassador Inn motel on Valley Bl. west of Fremont, in ...

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago

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Change of Ownership of Alhambra Tasty Garden?

by Chandavkl 2 years ago

Menu is the same and I recognized some of the servers. But I noticed today that my credit card slip read "Pot Pot Ri...

FYI: ranch 99 now in alhambra - soft opened this week

by barryc 2 years ago

replacing the ralphs on main in the same mall as the arby's east of garfield. a few special items on sale (like straw...

barryc commented 2 years ago

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