Alfredo Sauce

What Is the Difference Between Alfredo and Carbonara Sauce?

They're both rich and creamy and often tossed with pasta, so what is the difference between Alfredo and carbonara sauce? The origins of Alfredo and carbonara sauce can both be traced back to Rome when...

Possible to make Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo from a Beloved Alfredo Recipe?

by learningtobeskinny 2 years ago

I have found a beloved Alfredo recipe that I like to mix with all different kinds of pasta. I was wondering if it's possible to make roasted red pepper Alfredo directly from that recipe (as most re...

Please explain what's wrong with this sauce...

by super_b 12 years ago

My buddy at work has asked me to help him figure out why his Alfredo sauce looks like curds and whey. He has tried making it all sorts of ways...He's varied the liquid (half and half versus whole ...

Carrabba's Fettucine Alfredo Recipe

by jcattles 13 years ago

Carrabba's Fettucine Alfredo Recipe My DH & youngest daughter love Carrabba's Fettucine Alfredo. I can cook most anything but my alfredo sauce just doesn't cut it. Does anyone happen to know Carra...

Do you add egg yolk to Fetticine Alfredo?

by coll 16 years ago

I used to make this fairly often for my husband many moons ago, when we were both skinny. Also my Dad, man he loved it! I'm making it tonight as a special V-day treat, using fresh fetticine. In the...

Fettucine Alfredo

by JWRB1 7 years ago

I have tried various recipes for this, but always run into the same problem. Although the dish initially tastes good, the 'sauce' congeals after a very short time. This does not seem to happen when...

My alfredo sauce separated!

by ellierhew 6 years ago

Hi everyone. A good friend gave me her alfredo recipe that she used to make back when we lived together. I have been following the recipe for the past few months, but I can never seem to get it to ...

Jarred Alfredo-Still good?

by carolinaryan 6 years ago

I got a jar of Trader Joe's alfredo the other day when I was feeling lazy and used about half a jar and put it directly in the fridge. That was Sunday night- would it still be good after 48 hours? ...

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