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Society Fair Market in Alexandria - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

My first time in this market/counter/cafe on Washington St. below King in Old Town Alexandria from the same restaurant group as Restaurant Eve. It's a pretty place with plenty to explore. I can'...

Food festival list!

by chefonism 6 years ago

I love food! This time of year there are tons of international food festivals, I neeeed to know where, I've been to the Turkish festival in DC, the Romanian festival in MD, and now I'm trying to fi...

Cheesemaking supplies in the close-in VA 'burbs?

by tcamp 6 years ago

There is brewing supply place in Manassas that has what I need but I'm looking for somewhere closer to Alexandria. Haven't searched archives as this is also an attempt to master posts under the new...

La Porta's, Old Town(ish), Alexandria

by Just Visiting 6 years ago

Funny - I thought I'd posted about my wonderful dinner at La Porta's but perhaps I didn't as I can't find it. I just made reservations for another dinner and that triggered my memory. No one ever w...

Grocery delivery in the area?

by wjddbfl 6 years ago

I need to get some supplies from MOM's organic market in Alexandria (has to be this one, plus it is the closest to where I am) on a weekly basis, but I don't have a car to drive myself there. ...

Best Sushi Alexandria

by tboner6 6 years ago

Help! Looking for the best, cost is no object sushi in the Alexandria area. Have eaten at Masa and 15 East in NYC. Looking for a great omekase experience, Thanks!

Washington and Alexandria weekend May 15 to 18

by Tdotfoodguy 6 years ago

My wife and I are visiting DC to check out the city. We have ended up staying in Alexandria but will spend most of the days downtown Washington. Looking for interesting places to eat lunches down...

Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

by brian14leonard 10 years ago

My niece moved here from PA recently and would like to find a decent place for hoagies (a/k/a subs). Any suggestions? I know that Al's Steak House in Alexandria is supposed to have the best Phill...

Alexandria, VA near Hotel Monaco

by rcburli 6 years ago

What are the best dinner spots in walking distance from Hotel Monaco? Any price range and cuisine.

Tsedey - Ethiopian in Van Dorn St Alexandria - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

This is a small market/restaurant with a couple of shelves for savory breads (not just injera), a few other goods, and a butcher shop. We got the vegetarian platter and added the gored gored, ra...

El Paso Mexican Restaurant [Rte 1 Alexandria]

by bucknell 6 years ago

I noticed a new to me Mexican restaurant just off Rte 1 near Hybla Valley, El Paso Mexican restaurant. It seems to be part of a local chain. Can anyone comment on it? or on any other good Mexican r...

Weekend in Alexandria

by urbanfabric 6 years ago

Four of us will be in Old Town Alexandria (Monaco) later this month. We are meeting up with a fifth in our group who lives nearby. Primarily, I'm looking for Friday and Saturday dinner options. The...

Some help for an Alexandria, VA trip in February, please

by EliseL 6 years ago

My teenaged children will be attending a convention at the Gaylord National Resortand Convention Center in Fort Washington, MD. We will be journeying from NYC and staying in Alexandria....the Old T...

Suggestion for Box Lunches - Old Town Alexandria

by BigNCBear 6 years ago

Bringing a group of 30 co-workers to the DC area and need to order up box lunches for us to have on the tour bus. Any suggestions? Preference would be for a restaurant or company that can deliver...

Lunch between Alexandria & Ellicott City

by ivysmom 6 years ago

A friend wants to meet for lunch somewhere between Alexandria, VA and Ellicott City, MD. I am clueless, anyone have any advice? Someplace casual, moderately priced is ok.

Private/Semi Private Room needed near Arlington/Alexandria

by AHCollins 7 years ago

Looking for suggestions for a small private or semi private room for a Saturday luncheon in the Arlington/Alexandria area. Upscale and more on the side of traditional would be ideal. It has to ha...

Neopol at Old Town Alexandria farmers market

by tcamp 7 years ago

On Saturday, I was surprised and pleased to see Neopol selling at the FM market. I bought a smoked trout and a smoked head of garlic. They indicated they were testing the location and I don't see i...

Business Dinner in Alexandria?

by Kat 7 years ago

Greetings! I have been tasked with scheduling an upcoming business dinner in Alexandria and don't know the area at all, have never been there. There will likely be 6-8 people. I already searched th...

Four nights in Alexandria, VA

by Tidbits 7 years ago

I will be in Alexandria for work and hoping to visit a few restaurants. Primarily dinner but will have a few lunches open over the weekend, too. Any suggestions along the lines of interesting/uniqu...

Four Seasons Diner, Alexandria, VA - what is it like?

by Just Jim 19 years ago

Has anyone been to the Four Seasons Diner in Alexandria? Its on Van Dorn St, between Pickett and Edsall streets. I drive past it frequently, going to Akasaka or some of the other restaurants in t...