What Is the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal?

There's a never a day more suited than National Mezcal Day (Oct. 21) to wonder: What is the difference between tequila and mezcal? They're both made from agave, sure, but different species from different...

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Time to start a jar of Rumtopf

by eatingjoy 5 years ago

http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013274-rumtopf This weekend kicks off pick your own strawberries in my neck of the woods and the start of my jar of Rumtopf. Anyone else enjoy this traditio...

Beef bourguignon cognac won't ignite

by floridaduk 4 years ago

I am making Ina's beef bourguignon and my Cognac wouldn't ignite after many attempts. Why? After it failed to do so, I drained out the juices ( saved of course) as I thought maybe too many other...

Weird Alcohol Allergy: Are there other people who suffer from this?

by parkrangerolivia 12 years ago

Hi chowhounders...I was recently diagnosed with this weird GI disease (eosinophilic esophagitis) that makes my throat swell and close, much like asthma. I was drinking a Muscat when I first choked ...

Synthahol (renamed alcosynth) is here - be very afraid!

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 4 years ago

"... mm, fake booze. As fun as that sounds, a professor from Imperial College London says he is well on his way to creating the healthier alcohol alternative known as "alcosynth."" I like that t...

Truth or Fiction: Does alcohol burn off in food?

by Beau711 13 years ago

I don't drink anymore - for health reasons and to not mix alcohol and medication. The other night I had dinner with Mrs. Beau at a Manhattan Scandinavian restaurant. I asked if the creme brulee des...

Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause you to Act Differently?

by invinotheresverde 10 years ago

In a recent thread, linguafood mentioned that gin makes her melodramatic. Is this in her head or is there a legit, physiological reason this could happen? I've never noticed it personally, so I'm...

best "spike" for eggnog...

by banquisha 14 years ago

What kind of alcohol would you recommend to spice up some eggnog? There are so many brands, etc. so please be specific! THANKS!

Eggnog with a kick. What spirit to use?

by sarahbeth 14 years ago

I don't drink eggnog but we have Christmas visitors who love eggnog with alcohol in it. Any suggestions what to use?

high alcoholic white wine

by olasek 5 years ago

I admit I was surprised a bit when I came across white wine with alcohol level above 15% (dry wines). The wines are from Paso Robles and one is Roussanne and another Marsanne. I also think these ar...

Where is liquor cheapest? MD, VA or DC?

by jender 11 years ago

I've purchased booze from state-run liquor stores in Virginia, a number of different shops in DC, and at least one place in Maryland. Aside from any potential legal restrictions in purchasing a...

Cocktail Cupcakes- infusing cake with alcohol

by sunnyteigh 12 years ago

There's a big party we go to for my husband's old high school friends every year after Thanksgiving. It's pretty excessive, so in the spirit of the celebration I want to bring an alcoholic dessert....

LaSalle University Recommendations

by kkliniewski 5 years ago

Hello ChowHounds! My niece who is studying at LaSalle University turns 21 on Wednesday. I am planning on taking her to dinner and buying her the first legal cocktail. Slim pickin's so far - look...

Tasting 3 Root Beers

by TombstoneShadow 5 years ago

Have been enjoying the new wave of alcoholic root beers for awhile. Results of recent tasting: Root Sellers Hard RB vs. Coney Island RB. Tasted blind... Hands down the Coney Island was the winn...

What does"bruised"mean?

by Justpaula 14 years ago

I have heard this term often. But what does bruised liquor tastes like that is not right? How can you tell your liquor is bruised?

Puddin shots for adults

by momoftwo 5 years ago

Not sure of this belongs on the spirit boards or not. I'm looking for your best pudding shot recipe. I think the pudding flavor/alcohol combo is most important. These are meant to take the place of...

Sunday growler sales in Minneapolis expected to go into effect on June 14

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 5 years ago

Chipping away at the Sunday blue laws. "The Legislature again defeated a provision to allow liquor stores in Minnesota to be open on Sunday." I still don't understand why, but at least this is a st...

What is hard cider?

by Neta 11 years ago

I am interested in a recipe that calls for hard cider and not only do I not know what this is but I have no idea where to buy it. Can someone help?

Looking for simple, good vodka drinks that are not loaded with calories

by soccermom13 8 years ago

Just read this thread "What's wrong with wanting a drink made with vodka?," so I hope I don't sound like a total rube for wanting some good drinks made with vodka. Here's the deal: I love wine,...

Allergic reaction to alcohol

by reallyrednails 14 years ago

Twice now, I've had a bad reaction to alcohol and I'm not sure what component caused it. The first time, I drank just a few sips of champagne (don't remember the label) and about 10 minutes later...

Highest and Lowest State Liquor Taxes - I NEED TO MOVE!!!

by signofthefourwinds 8 years ago

I found a graphic in the Wall Street Journal a couple of months back that listed the highest and lowest state excise-tax rates per gallon. As someone that tries to find cheap booze prices, I found...