How long do unopened bottles of hard liquor/liquers stay drinkable for? And opened?

by Shayna Madel 10 years ago

I don't drink much hard liquor at all, for no particular reason. But, years ago, I did establish a little bar in my ...

stevewi commented 1 month ago

How long do liquors like Kaluha and Bailey's Last?

by Rick 11 years ago

We have opened bottles of Kaluha and Bailey's Irish Cream and we're not sure if they're safe to drink. I don't worry...

coll commented 2 months ago

Taste aversion to alcohol?

by MSPD 12 years ago

Despite lack of a scientific background, I do believe in the biological taste aversions some people have. For me, ci...


Spacehound commented 4 months ago

How much alcohol to plan for a daytime party

by PeachLakeBaker 4 months ago

I'm having a Halloween party, mid day on a Sunday. Many of the guests will be parents with their kids. So far there...


MikeG commented 4 months ago

Homemade fruit liqueur help - Mold on (only *some* jars) homemade cherry liqueur/"brandy"

by Muriah 7 months ago

Half look fine, half are moldy. I used the recipe I've always used (3rd year in a row). Alcohol (in this case rum),...

JMF commented 5 months ago

Lost and Faded Booze Brands of an Innocent Past... Hereford Cows Anyone?

by StriperGuy 7 years ago

A recent thread about Crown Royal reminded me of booze brands that are no longer cool. Heck some of them don't exist ...


BigG commented 6 months ago

Does anyone know about cooking with flame table side?

by barolobrunello 7 months ago

I was in a restaurant in Malaga Spain a few months ago. I ordered the sausage cooked tabletop. They brought this cool...

kaleokahu commented 7 months ago

French Onion Soup -- best alcohol to use?

by arielleeve 7 years ago

I am making French onion soup tonight and have been looking at a bunch of different recipes from which to work. They ...


minega commented 11 months ago

Would You Drink Wine or Beer if it Wasn't an Intoxicant?

by zackly 12 months ago

Reading a post just now about non-alchoholic beer got me thinking about how many people would drink wine, beer, cockt...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 12 months ago

SAQ Wine and spirits

by CaptCrunch 2 years ago

Since the sale of alcohol is controlled by a central governmental agency, I thought it would be interesting to share ...


CaptCrunch commented 1 year ago

Time to start a jar of Rumtopf

by eatingjoy 3 years ago This weekend kicks off pick your own strawberries in my neck of...

TastyReuben commented 1 year ago

Beef bourguignon cognac won't ignite

by floridaduk 1 year ago

I am making Ina's beef bourguignon and my Cognac wouldn't ignite after many attempts. Why? After it failed to do s...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

Weird Alcohol Allergy: Are there other people who suffer from this?

by parkrangerolivia 9 years ago

Hi chowhounders...I was recently diagnosed with this weird GI disease (eosinophilic esophagitis) that makes my throat...


Allergicman commented 1 year ago

Synthahol (renamed alcosynth) is here - be very afraid!

by MplsM ary 1 year ago

"... mm, fake booze. As fun as that sounds, a professor from Imperial College London says he is well on his way to cr...

davis_sq_pro commented 1 year ago

Truth or Fiction: Does alcohol burn off in food?

by Beau711 10 years ago

I don't drink anymore - for health reasons and to not mix alcohol and medication. The other night I had dinner with M...


carmrose commented 1 year ago

Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause you to Act Differently?

by invinotheresverde 7 years ago

In a recent thread, linguafood mentioned that gin makes her melodramatic. Is this in her head or is there a legit, p...

Tehama commented 2 years ago

3 drinks, up at 3am, why?

by babette feasts 6 years ago

When I was in college, I could, like most of my cohorts, drink way too much, sleep well, and function in the morning....

rasputina commented 2 years ago

best "spike" for eggnog...

by banquisha 11 years ago

What kind of alcohol would you recommend to spice up some eggnog? There are so many brands, etc. so please be specifi...


skyy38 commented 2 years ago

Eggnog with a kick. What spirit to use?

by sarahbeth 11 years ago

I don't drink eggnog but we have Christmas visitors who love eggnog with alcohol in it. Any suggestions what to use?


ridrmik commented 2 years ago