Best Pad Thai in Berkeley/Albany area?

by Ridge 5 years ago

Hasn't been discussed in a while. I've had a craving and have been working in the east bay again. What are people's favorite Pad Thai in the Berkeley/Albany area?

Indian restaurants in East Bay?

by lqf2711 5 years ago

It's been a long while and many openings/closings/chef changes since any postings on Indian restaurants in Oakland/Berkeley/Albany. I'd be grateful for any suggestions: food more important than a...

Excellent pizza at Benchmark

by gordon wing 5 years ago

Benchmark Pizza in Kensington is a bit out of the way but the pizza is worth a visit. Nice crust with a bit of char ...... thin but with some chew around the edges. we had the pancetta and green...

Soda taxes win in Oakland, San Francisco and Albany

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

“It will be a tremendous victory for public health,” said Lynn Silver, senior adviser at the Public Health Institute in Oakland. “Having big cities like Oakland and San Francisco approve a soda tax...

China Village Albany Questions

by tom246 5 years ago

We live in the North Bay and are meeting friends from back east in the Albany - Berkeley area and looking for a dinner suggestion. The last time we met up we went to Comal which was fun and good i...

Nizza la bella, Albany

by Fine 6 years ago

I used to love this place, but, last time I was there, it seemed tired. Anyone been recently? Thx

Regional Chinese roundup 2.0

by hyperbowler 7 years ago

The Bay Area's Chinese food scene is evolving. Sichuan and Hunan cuisine continue to gain in popularity and we're finally getting access to foods from Shaanxi, Guilin, and northwestern China. To...

Viet Sizzler (Pho Ao Sen, Albany) is GOOD!

by flavorenhancer 6 years ago

I have enjoyed several meals at the old Sizzler in Albany, remade as a branch of Pho Ao Sen. I will leave analysis of Pho to the experts. I prefer rice plates and bun, both of which are done very ...

Kim's Cafe, Albany

by ernie in berkeley 6 years ago

I stopped in at Kim's Cafe on Solano in Albany for the first time in ages, looking for a banh mi. I found that they've greatly expanded their menu to include vermicelli or rice bowls, salads and so...

Pho Ao Sen to open in Albany

by gordon wing 6 years ago

driving down San Pablo Avenue in Albany - I noticed that the old Sizzler building is papered over and there is a sign on it that reads Pho Ao Sen. not sure when the opening date is ...... li...

Burger Depot closing after 35 years (Albany)

by Glencora 6 years ago

First Oscar's now Burger Depot. I've never actually had a burger there, but I've enjoyed many milkshakes and ice cream cones over the decades. Really nice people,too. Retiring apparently. I remem...

Oori - on Solano [Albany]

by lmnopm 7 years ago

http://patch.com/california/albany/delicious-rice-triangles-oori-solano-0#.VA5-LaOK6F9 http://www.oorifoods.com/ Looks like the old Sophia Cafe spot.

Advice appreciated re: Chinese Food 101 class for HS students

by lexdevil 7 years ago

I taught this class several years back and I am reprising it next week. And getting hungry thinking about it. I'd love advice re: things not to be missed at Yum's Bistro. They are faxing me the ...

ISO Berkeley/Albany bakeries open on Mondays

by TerriL 7 years ago

Crixa, La Bedaine, and Cheeseboard are all closed on Mondays. Can anyone recommend an alternative? Interested in breads, sandwiches, small cakes, cookies, etc.

Moving to the Bay Area!

by thewongmann 7 years ago

Now that my internal transfer has been officially announced to my organization, I'm excited to say I'm moving to the Bay Area, with my work based in Oakland (14th & Broadway). Because of that, I...

China Village (Albany) is open!

by ernie in berkeley 8 years ago

I thought I'd start a new topic on China Village, now that they're open again. Four of us (nobody from Chowhound, unfortunately), had a great lunch of West Style Fish Fillet soup, cumin lamb and...

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