Penzey's at Crossgates Mall (Albany) is closing

by AmyH 1 year ago

Just found out on Table Hopping today:

AmyH commented 4 months ago

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Penzeys reopens at new location - Stuyvesant Plaza (Albany)

by Roger K 4 months ago

After closing at Crossgates Mall about 9 months ago, Penzeys has reopened in Stuyvesant Plaza. They are located on th...

Where to eat in Albany?

by caphill2320 7 months ago

My new job is taking me to Albany pretty frequently and I am at a loss of where to go to eat! I train up and back fro...

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Chester's Smokehouse, Albany

by AmyH 2 years ago

We finally stopped in at the new Chester's Smokehouse in Albany (Watervliet Ave near the Co-op). What a great place! ...

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Sadudee - Watervliet (Albany area)

by fisher 2 years ago

The three of us recently had dinner at Sadudee in Watervliet based on the recommendation of other chowhounds in the S...

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Albany Thanksgiving

by syrchow 10 months ago

Meeting in Albany for an eight-person Thanksgiving meal. Looking for a place that serves the traditional turkey dinn...


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Penzeys is Returning to Albany!

by jayjay 10 months ago

They've signed the lease and are working on the interior.. However, a telephone rep was unwilling to give out the ad...

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Honest Weight Food Coop (Albany)

by Jim Leff 1 year ago

I wrote about Honest Weight in my thread about chowhounding Albany, here:

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Sri Siam – Albany area

by fisher 2 years ago

Husband and I had dinner at Sri Siam last night. It was a very nice experience and we will definitely return. Sri S...


Roger K commented 10 months ago

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Oaxaquena Triqui - Albany

by fisher 11 months ago

Needing a quick dinner in the midst of shuttling kids to and from activities, I stopped in at Oaxaquena Triqui to try...

Bombay Bar & Kitchen (Albany/Colonie)

by fisher 1 year ago

Today I visited the new Bombay Bar & Kitchen on upper Central Ave (next to Kurver Kreme). It was lunch time so I dec...


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Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

by PSZaas 2 years ago

Sam Sifton's A Field Guide to the American Sandwich (


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Basement Bistro (Earlton) in the news

by DGresh 4 years ago

Yono's restaurant in Albany and Damon Baehrel of The Basement Bistro in Earlton, Greene County, have been named semif...


DGresh commented 12 months ago

Roadtripping to Lenox MA from DC - Recs wanted

by Cocinero Cubano 1 year ago

All - The wife and I are driving from DC to Lenox, most likely going 87 through Albany. We'd like suggestions of g...

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Chowhounding Albany (and environs)

by Jim Leff 1 year ago

First, three weird things about Albany: The traffic lights are the slowest in America. I aged significantly at eac...

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Trinbago Caribbean Restaurant – Albany

by fisher 1 year ago

Yesterday I made a mid-afternoon snack stop at Trinbago Caribbean on Madison Avenue. The place is new and is located...


fisher commented 1 year ago

Is there ANY good ethnic restaurant food in Albany?

by elagniz 3 years ago

I'm looking for good Middle-Eastern or Asian and we'll be going for a lunch. It can be just some oustanding dish or ...


fisher commented 1 year ago

Noodles & Company (Albany)

by fisher 1 year ago

I have never before reviewed a chain, but Noodles & Co has opened across the street from my office and I was invited ...


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