What Is White Barbecue Sauce?

As in American politics, American barbecue sauce is largely a two-party system. On the right, you have the grand old Kansas City-style tomato and molasses camp. On the left, the bleeding heart vinegar...

"Living Soil" documentary

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

As we end Healthy Soils Week 2020 in California, this is a good time to watch "Living Soil", a documentary about the importance of safeguarding soil health. “Educating consumers about the on-fa...

Orange Beach restaurants

by ridpathc 1 year ago

I'm heading to Orange Beach next week and am looking for places to eat. We are staying at the Turquoise but are willing to take a long drive for a good meal. We would like to try southern and local...

Do I really need mycorrhizal fungi for planting bare root roses?

by momto4girls 1 year ago

The planting guide that came with my bare root roses recommends this. I need to plant the roses tomorrow morning. Currently soaking in a bucket. Does the fungi really make that big of a difference?

Alabama Recs

by johnmart11 2 years ago

We are planning a tour of the south in March and will be in Mobile for a day or two. Has anyone done the local food tour? (Only on Fridays and Saturdays it looks like). We are looking for good loca...

Best country breakfast in Birmingham, and dinner too?

by elizabetheatsfood 3 years ago

Hey Everyone, we are taking our son to visit colleges and are going to be in Birmingham staying at the Westin for a Friday afternoon/Night and Saturday morning.(We do have a car, so can drive!) I ...

Soul food or other local in downtown Montgomery Al?

by curioussheridan 3 years ago

On a civil rights tour we will be stopping in downtown Montgomery for the night. We like good food with definite flavors. Any ideas?

Best Steakhouse in Alabama

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 2 years ago

I am working on a literary project of sorts, the focus of which is the steakhouse in America. The project comprehends every state in the continental US. For anybody who has an opinion, I'd apprecia...

Restaurant Report - Montgomery, AL area

by pretender414 2 years ago

Not quite a trip report, since we've been here a few months, but here's a quick summary of some good restaurants to try in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding area: Wintzell's Oyster House -...

Where to buy Skin-on Pork Loin?

by JDS1 5 years ago

Looking to find a source of skin-on pork loin or leg of pork. I am originally from the UK where this is very common and popular way to butcher and cook pork. I have been in the USA now for 10 years...

ISO Almost Too Dense to Believe Pound Cake

by scarehairnoelle 3 years ago

Hello, I was looking through the states and cities listed in your places tabs. I noticed that Alabama was not represented. Having lived here all my life I am looking for some of the Grandma's, Gran...

Tuscaloosa or Birmingham overnight for family of five: Need dinner, hotel, breakfast (preferably on a biscuit)

by mrshoho 4 years ago

Family of five driving from DC to New Orleans. Planning to overnight in either Birmingham or Tuscaloosa. Need a good dinner to reward us for our long drive, preferably somewhere with local food and...

Best places to eat fresh seafood in coastal Alabama?

by 2mel 5 years ago

Hi all Driving from Nola to the Florida panhandle today and wanting to stop for lunch somewhere on the way......would love a great seafood spot near the water.....suggestions appreciated!

Huntsville, Alabama recommendations?

by debclark 4 years ago

We are going to be in Huntsville for a few days and I was checking the boards for restaurant recommendations, but the latest ones are two years old. Can anyone help with some current recommendation...

Dinner and Breakfast

by Lenox637 4 years ago

Hi all, I'll be driving through to New Orleans and will be staying the night in Birmingham. I was wondering where you would recommend for dinner and breakfast for a family of 4. The kids have exten...

Shelby County AL

by dcbbq 4 years ago

I'm headed to Pelham/Indian Springs for a high school reunion and, suffice it to say, the area has changed a lot in the last 50 years. I'm looking for breakfast, barbecue, seafood, and pretty much...

Family party in Mobile

by fun3Xdaily 5 years ago

I'm looking for a place for 10 or so people to celebrate a 90th birthday in Mobile. We'll have a couple of vegetarians in our midst, as well as a young child. Some of us who are coming from far awa...

Orange Beach AL seafood

by leah 5 years ago

There is a new restaurant in Orange Beach, AL called Island Bistro. It is on Perdido Beach Rd and I am looking forward to trying their fresh seafood! I'm pretty sure they have music too. Please ...

Gulf Shores, Alabama

by Banell 5 years ago

Heading to Gulf Shores in a couple weeks and looking for some new good restaurants to go to. We do not like chain restaurants. Our standards stops are Wolf Bay Lodge and Steamers

Atlanta to Oxford, MS

by khester 5 years ago

Headed to Oxford for a long weekend. We've got an idea where to eat once we get there-- but don't want to miss anything great en route on our way there and back. Perfectly willing to plan our rou...