Say it with us: OHIO. Akron's got it all, and we've got the best recommendations for chains, non-chains, cupcakes, brunch, and more. Tell us where you like to eat and give us your trip reports!


Short trip to Akron/Cleveland

by digga 5 years ago

Took a short trip to B’s mom’s house in Akron last week. Mercifully, we didn’t encounter any RNC craziness (had I seen Trump in the street, I would have been tempted to do something very foolish). ...

Columbus and Akron and in between - choices for good eats?

by Snailspace321 6 years ago

Torontonian here: Client visit sees me spending a week in Columbus and area, and then doing a round trip drive from Columbus to Akron and back - any recommendations along Rte 71, Rte 20, or, if its...

Help ID this roadside Akron restaurant!

by jennseats 12 years ago

Hey all, I'm hoping the Chowhound experts on here who know the Akron, Ohio area can help solve a mystery that's been bugging me for years! About 4 years ago I was in Kent with a friend and we had ...

Non-chain restaurant in Akron Ohio

by penguin106 7 years ago

I'm looking for a non-chain restaurant in or around Akron, Ohio for a birthday meal. He loves non-chain type places, but of course, they have to make great food! Any suggestions?

Outdoor venue Cleveland-Akron

by zippypinhead 7 years ago

Looking for an outdoor venue for a 40th anniversary celebration. Anywhere in the Cleveland-Akron area. Would like to use my own caterer which takes most of the wedding venue spots out of the runni...

When I was a kid a family friend would get roasted brisket and gravy from (I think the name was) Akron Meat Processors.

by smgowin 8 years ago

I still dream about it. I can't begin to guess what the seasoning were. Does this ring anyone's bell? Recipe? (We are talking 1960s),

Where can I find frozen pearl onions Cleveland-Akron

by zippypinhead 8 years ago

Thread title pretty much sums up my question. Haven't found any in about a half dozen markets so far....

Help in Hudson, OH (or anything else b/t Akron and Cleveland)

by digga 8 years ago

Boston 'hound here. B and I are heading to Akron this coming weekend to visit his 79 y.o. mom, sister, and 4 y.o. niece. My in-laws from NYC/Greenwich, CT are also going, but they'll be coming from...

Akron area, take 2: any new recs for local cuisine and down-home delicacies?

by janethepain 8 years ago

Hi all, You were so helpful for my last extended trip to OH (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/843211), I thought I'd ask what's new in the area. I scanned through posts leading right up to my o...

Driving by Cleveland/Akron

by Bada Bing 8 years ago

I'll be passing through on I-80 around dinner time in this area. I would like to try a distinctive restaurant--casual independent, ideally--that doesn't involve much of a time delay. Does a detou...

Uniquely Cleveland/Akron dining for visiting NYC hound?

by janethepain 9 years ago

Hi OH hounds! I'm from the NYC boards, and will visit the in-laws in the CLE/Akron area this weekend/next week. We're looking for things that are Ohio-unique or not to be found in NYC. From ...

Akron restaurant recs

by Jambalaya 9 years ago

We're heading to the Bonnie Raitt concert on a Wed. in a couple weeks at the Akron Civic Theater and are looking for a place to eat before the concert. Here are the particulars: there are two of u...

Akron/Cleveland trip report

by digga 12 years ago

This Boston Chowhound and her mate spent this past weekend in Akron/Cleveland visiting his family. Arrived Fri night. Sat lunch was at BW3 in Medina - groan. Food was very forgettable - I won't eve...

Sabrett's Hot Dogs-Available for purchase anywhere in Cleveland/Akron

by justlauralibrarian 9 years ago

I'm preparing my Super Bowl menu and am rooting for the Giants. I'd like to serve Sabrett's Hot Dog's but don't know if that's going to happen. Is there anyplace in the NEO area that these dogs hav...

Brunch at Sweet Pea Cafe, Akron OH

by digga 10 years ago

Boston 'hound visiting my MIL in Akron this past weekend. We always struggle to find good food. We went to Sweet Pea Cafe in Fairlawn this past Saturday for brunch. A very modest looking place, we ...

Akron, OH - Mexican -Tito's

by CurryLover 10 years ago

My husband and I tried the new Mexican place, Tito's, on Ghent Rd in Fairlawn this past weekend. We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food we ordered turned out to be. It doesn't replace ...

Applause for Authentic Mexican in Akron -- La Taqueria Rancheros

by Dan Levine 16 years ago

OK, so this restaurant cries out for a Chowhound posting. La Taqueria Rancheros, at 286 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave in Akron (about 150 yards east of North Main St) is a one-counter, three-table gem for a...

Best resturants in Akron, Oh?

by rlf38 10 years ago

Eats everything, I;m new to Akron and i'm looking for the best resturants to go to in the Akron area.