10 Food-Filled Airports That Will Make You Happy You Have a Layover

Flying is perhaps the most stressful part of any vacation. Pesky delays, cancellations, and inclement weather always manage to pile on, and don't even get us started on dining options. Luckily, some...

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Cheapish eats near the airport

by seattle_lee 5 years ago

Next week my wife will be working out of a hotel at the Donald Stevens Convention Center in Rosemount near ORD, and will be looking for good eats. The co-workers she knows are unimaginative eaters...

Good Places to Eat near IAH airport?

by dina4 12 years ago

We'll be staying at the Sheraton near George Bush Airport for 3 nights, and were hoping for some good suggestions on where to eat nearby. Thanks! Dina

One Night at Bradley Airport

by dudleycat 5 years ago

Will be flying out of Bradley end of January and need a really good, casual place for dinner (if there is such a thing)in the area. I eat fish, but no meat or poultry. Also a place to get very ...

Breakfast at San Jose airport

by t19103 5 years ago

Hello, Any recommendations for a great authentic breakfast at SJO early in the morning on a weekday? This will be my first meal in Costa Rica. I have four hours between landing and leaving the ai...

Late night near BWI on Saturday

by sf415 6 years ago

Any ideas for late night eats near BWI this coming Saturday? Picking someone up who will arrive hungry! Thanks in advance!

San Francisco Airport area / dinner?

by PaulaK 6 years ago

I am at the doubletree north in Brisbane looking for a place for dinner . Upscale fine but bottom line good food. Thanks!

Walkable from LAX Hotels

by cloudship 6 years ago

I have a short stay at LAX. I would kind of like to avoid getting a car or taking a cab anywhere, but I am looking for a decent dinner. I would be just as happy with a hole in the wall as I would w...

Where to eat INSIDE LAX

by alegramarcel 6 years ago

Hey chowhounds, I am going to have a layover at LAX. Not quite enough time to leave, at least not without stressing me out (about 3 hours), but plenty of time to have a nice dining experience, if ...

LAX Thu 4:30p - 6:30p

by carcassone 6 years ago

Flying out of LAX on a Thu and I have a meal window of 4:30p - 6:30p (seated by 4:30 and out the door by 6:30). I have a rental car but don't want to wander too far from LAX and have to struggle w...

Seeking guidance about Sacher/Demel baked goods + other treats at the Vienna airport

by Michaelspont 6 years ago

I would like to bring my friends gifts of Sacher and Demel baked goods, but it would be a lot easier logistically to purchase gifts at the Vienna airport rather than try to squeeze shopping into my...

Kosher sandwiches at YYZ Toronto airport

by AdinaA 6 years ago

Talk about super-convenient. Wrapped sandwiches delivered daily to CIBO convenience store in terminal located right where you transfer to U.S. bound flights.

Shake Shack JFK airport question

by ebchower 6 years ago

I have to pick somebody up at Terminal 4 JFK this weekend. I see that Shake Shack has two locations in this terminal and I'd like to grab a burger for lunch. Anybody know if they are in areas for...

Good places around DFW airport

by annabing 14 years ago

We are new to Dallas, living in Irving. I am having 10 people come from out of state for my husband's 30th birthday. Any suggestions for either BBQ or Mexican that would be fun, inexpensive and g...

MIA (Miama International Airport) American Airlines - Anything good to eat to take on plane?

by hhc 6 years ago

Will be doing a layover from SFO to MIA on a red eye flight and was wondering if anything good to eat for Breakfast one day and lunch another day or should I pack something from home? Flying on Am...

Airport to Belle Isle Seafood or vice versa

by vegan73 6 years ago

I keep seeing recs on eating here upon arrival or before departure but when I enter the locations into the MBTA trip planner or Google maps it tells me that it's over an hour away via public transp...

The Best Place to Sample Champagne in Paris Is...The Airport?

by zin1953 6 years ago

"A rare selection of the world’s finest champagnes and cognacs can be found in a surprising place—an airport. "For travelers passing through Air France’s terminal 2E at Paris's Charles de Gaulle...

Recommendation near RDU

by steve morgan 6 years ago

I need a recommendation for a dinner location in Morrisville NC, close to the airport. Meeting family for the first time and need somewhere we can talk for an hour or two. Thank you to all

Best airport restaurant/bar

by flavrmeistr 6 years ago

My favorite is Pork and Pickle above Gate 45 at MCI Kansas City. That's right, ABOVE Gate 45. It has an elevator, like a private club. They have a large selection of small-batch whiskers and a rota...

Decent restaurant near SFO?

by dkeppler 6 years ago

Am looking for somewhere decent to meet my son in a couple of weeks, he's in the city and I'm staying at Half Moon Bay, I will be arriving around 7:30 PM and don't want either of us to have to driv...