What Is the Difference Between Mayo, Aioli, and Hollandaise?

You'd be forgiven for not knowing exactly what is the difference between mayonnaise and aioli (and even hollandaise); they do have a lot in common, true. But please don't confuse or conflate them if...

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by kugelkid 16 years ago

I've heard that you can use potato instead of raw egg yolk. Does anyone have a recipie please?

Aioli for cheaters

by Sarah 16 years ago

Unchowhoundish as it may be, but does anyone have an aioli recipe that starts with store-bought (Best Foods of course) mayo?

Bitter aiolis and mayonnaise??

by Christina D 17 years ago

Both times that I've tried to make aioli/mayo, it comes out bitter. My first thought, of course, was that my oil might be rancid. I've tried them with olive (which was most definitely not rancid......

the deviled eggs update -- plus aioli and potato chips

by david kaplan 17 years ago

A thousand thank-yous for the deviled eggs advice. I made a batch for my party this weekend -- half "classic" (mustard and some pepper) and a half with carmelized onions mixed in. The oniony ones w...

Aioli shelf-life?

by Dax 18 years ago

I have a container of garlic aioli with a sell date of 11/20 in my fridge. Container says best if used within one month after opening. However, it smells fine (I guess, smells like mayo). Its no...

Wines with pesto...aioli

by efdee 20 years ago

[note from the management: this is a reposting of a message--and the thread following--from July in an attempt to clean up this board. When threads get too long (from people tacking new discussions...

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