Afternoon Tea

Master a proper afternoon tea. Find authentic tea services in your area, get recipe ideas, and discuss the etiquette of afternoon tea with our community.

How to Host High Tea in Your Living Room

If you want to host high tea at home (a perfect Mother's Day treat for moms who aren't morning people, breakfast in bed or no—and extra appropriate for any Anglophile mums out there), here's everything...

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Afternoon tea

by Shirley 18 years ago

Hi. My friend and I are searching for good places to have tea in the city. Any recommendations?

high tea (where to go while the ritz is out of commission?)

by winnie 18 years ago

does anyone know where a group of 20-40 people might go for afternoon tea? that is, scones, tarts, cuke sandwiches, clotted cream & the whole bit? the ritz would be ideal were it not closed & under...

What's the best place to have afternoon tea in London?

by fran morrill 19 years ago

I'm leaving on Friday for London and want to know some good place to have tea, scones, clotted cream and other lovely artery-clogging substances. Any suggestions?

Afternoon tea?

by C. Fox 18 years ago

So I ask my sister what she wants for her birthday, and she says she wants me to take her out for a traditional English tea. I thought of the Ritz of course, but with their old building out of com...

afternoon tea ?

by adrienne 18 years ago

A search on the site turned up nothing in NYC. Can anyone recommend a nice place for afternoon tea -- replete w/sandwiches, petits fours etc

Afternoon Tea in South Bay? Thanks!

by Jwls 18 years ago

Anyone know of an afternoon english tea place in the south bay? I'm thinking of something like Lisa's Tea & Treasures in terms of selection, atmosphere, and prices. Thanks!!

Hotel Afternoon Tea

by Caitlin McGrath 19 years ago

The previous posts on this subject are a bit dated, so I'm hoping people have some more recent experience. I've been charged with taking a couple of young ladies out for their first afternoon tea,...

Afternoon Tea (not in a hotel)

by ai 19 years ago

Yes, I am aware of the previous thread from July but I think my friends would be intimidated to meet up at a hotel lobby. Is there anywhere else in LA or Orange County where afternoon tea is serve...

Afternoon tea at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson

by Celia 19 years ago

I'll be visiting my parents in the Tucson area at the end of November and have always wanted to try the afternoon tea they serve at the tea room at Tohono Chul Park. The atmosphere is wonderful th...

High Tea in Atlanta area

by Benji 19 years ago

Have to rave about this place we just had lunch/tea at over the weekend in Dunwoody. It's an old historic Farm House that was on the verge of destruction, until several historical groups in the are...

afternoon tea

by Sheryl 19 years ago

I'm a bit rusty on tea spots. Where's the best place to go these days for a leisurely and decadent high tea? Beverly Hills, Santa Monica preferable. Pasadena (ie. Huntington Gardens) too far.

Afternoon tea in DC-MD-N VA

by Lori S 19 years ago

Hey folks, I indulged in afternoon tea last Friday in the gorgeous lobby of the historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. It was only $14.50 & it got me thinking to go back & compile a list of tea roo...

Afternoon Tea

by Mark 19 years ago

I'm looking for a place to indulge in afternoon tea (on a Tuesday if that info matters). I know there's one at The Drake... anybody been and how was it? Also looking for other suggestions and revie...

Afternoon Tea follow-up

by bryan 19 years ago

Hey Mark. Wheredja end up? Details, details, details please.

Afternoon tea in Wisconsin

by Samama 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a place that serves nice little sandwiches etc. in Wisconsin? We're going to be in southern Wisconsin (Lake Geneva area) next week and I've been craving that sort of thing. I ...

afternoon tea

by shelly 20 years ago

I will be visiting NYC this week and am looking for an afternoon tea place--in a hotel, opulent setting, leaning more to sweet than savory. I have been all over the web plus the archives of this s...

Afternoon Tea: Query

by Michael Brainerd 20 years ago

Need a place for afternoon tea (5:00PM) within 4 blocks of Lexington and 67th St.? Not coffee shop, something like a hotel preferred. Not a bad idea if wine wd be available also. Need this by AM Mo...

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