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Ruth Reichl's Christmas gift suggestions

by grayelf 4 years ago I discovered this too late for 2014 but I think she does ...


Hobbert commented 4 years ago

French Press, Aeropress or Clever Coffee Dripper

by Aprileats 6 years ago

Recently broke my little Bodum french press. I'm contemplating replacing it with the same press or trying something ...


paulj commented 6 years ago

Coffee Grinder for Aeropress

by cowboyardee 7 years ago

So, I've switched over to the Aeropress, for its nice mixture of convenience and quality in a single cup coffee maker...


cowboyardee commented 6 years ago

home made $2 metal filter for Aeropress +manual open hopper grinder for $8.99.

by HLing 8 years ago

Not a day go by that I don't marvel at the creation of the Aeropress, and the Inverted Brewing technique! There som...


okulcz commented 7 years ago

Aeropress in a coffeeshop

by ebloom 8 years ago

Anyone know of a place serving coffee made with an Aeropress here? They have them for sale at Anderson's, but I was ...


markewallace commented 8 years ago

Starbucks Iced Mocha at Home (in five minutes using an Aeropress)

by markle976 8 years ago

I love a good iced mocha from Starbucks (I guess that means I am not a true coffee aficionado, but I do enjoy the tas...


CathyR commented 8 years ago

It's official - i'm in love...with my new Aeropress!

by goodhealthgourmet 9 years ago

i have to thank my fellow Chowhounds for recommending this little gadget. i spotted it at Sur La Table last night, an...


scubadoo97 commented 8 years ago

Bialetti? Aeropress?

by lulou23 8 years ago

I will be visiting family without nearby espresso access and am looking for a portable, affordable stovetop espresso ...


wavyphotons commented 8 years ago

AeroPress Topping Off Question

by DiningDiva 9 years ago

I really like the new AeroPress I got but I am having a hard time diluting (topping off as they call it in their lite...


DiningDiva commented 9 years ago


by rubinow 11 years ago

Has anybody tried the AeroPress? Is it as good as they say?


monku commented 10 years ago

Looking for AeroPress or Bialetti Moka/Brikka

by peppermint pate 10 years ago

Any suggestions on where in central/downtown gta I can find these at a decent price? Also, does about $35 for the Aer...


Wahooty commented 10 years ago

AeroPress [split from Starbucks Testing thread on Boston Board]

by Boston_Otter 10 years ago

I have only a passing knowledge of how the Clover works, but from what I've seen, the super-fancy technology behind i...


HLing commented 10 years ago

Aeropress + Zassenhaus in L.A.?

by odub 11 years ago

I'm trying to find a place in Los Angeles that might carry both an Aeropress drip coffee maker plus a Zassenhaus manu...


ristretto commented 11 years ago

AeroPress - anyone tried it?

by Caitlin McGrath 12 years ago

I'm sure this is old news on dedicated coffee message boards, which I don't read, but I just learned of the AeroPress...


SteveTimko commented 12 years ago

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