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"Fresh, Local" - are these buzz words or truth-in-advertising?

by Sherri 13 years ago

Having just returned from a long road trip through many chowish and some disappointing non-chowish meals, I've had a recurring thought about some of the menus I have seen. Has every chef become ...

UK: tightening the controls on the TV advertising of food to children

by RicRios 13 years ago

Interesting proposal. Link: http://www.food.gov.uk/news/newsarchive/2006/jun/oftcom

Jerry's Subs: The Power of Funny Commercials

by Bob W. 13 years ago

Jerry's has been running a lot of commercials lately, and not only do they amuse me, they got me craving a Jerry's sub. So today I got a 12-inch Original (steak with double provolone) and I have ...

Best ad for Susur...

by Jay Jay 13 years ago

Watched Iron Chef last night and was wondering if the dishes he made were any indication of what to actually expect at Susur on a regular night? I was very impressed with most of his dishes, especi...

Truth in Advertising - BBQ Restaurants

by oc climber 14 years ago

I was thinking about this dilema as I was reviewing a local eatery by the name of Johnny Rebs; if they don't use smoke or a bbq, can a restaurant really be considered BBQ? There is a reviewer (wh...

Beware--Tocqueville RW False Advertising

by Marion Morgenthal 14 years ago

I had lunch at Tocqueville today. Things started off well when I had to call to change my reservation time, and was accommodated very pleasantly. I checked both the NYC and Company and the Toc...

Dring the Pacific Coast Highway between SF ad San Diego

by Richie 14 years ago

HI, We are driving the coast highway the end of May or beginning of June. WE are sorta on a budget but like to splurge now and then. We like all kinds of food. What can we expect alonng the way and...

Toronto Advertising Reviewers

by westway 15 years ago

I was reading some of the posts here and saw a mention of Brett Halliday, whose name was often attached in restaurant ads from "advertorials" that used to appear in local papers (next to Korry's ad...

Unintentionally hilarious McDonald's ad

by Sarah W-R 15 years ago

There's a new print ad for McDonald's that I have seen recently in a couple of mainstream cooking magazines (Cooking Light eg) in which they tout the fact that the lettuce in their salads is "never...

About the Ads Atop

by Jim Leff 16 years ago

Please don't reply here...I'm just interrupting to briefly note that I apologize for the appearance of ads for specific restaurants. I'm glued to my computer, picking off the errant restaurant ad s...

Sly humor in Burger King ad?

by Gary Soup 17 years ago

When I pass a Burger King on my way to work in the morning these days, I always notice a poster in the window which proclaims: "In the land of burgers, the Whopper is King." The quotes are incl...

The power of advertising?

by Warren 17 years ago

The new and much criticized Philly's Smoke House in Long Island City receives a rave review in the 12/26 issue of the weekly newspaper, Queens Chronicle, which has been running full-page ads paid f...

Koh-i-nor (Mohegan Lake) fraudulent ad

by Bill 17 years ago

This is written in response to a posting on Koh-i-nor from a month+ ago. I'd normally just respond in that thread but we all know that no one looks a month down thus almost no one would see it, so ...

Acapulco Gross Ad

by Chino Wayne 17 years ago

Anyone seen the weekly Acapulco advertising insert in the Times today? They are featuring a "tortilla encrusted chicken breast", it looks gross in the picture. I always wonder about this place, w...

HFA's NYTimes ad on animal slaughter

by Allan Evans 18 years ago

Provocative ad in today's NY Times about the FDA's lax supervision of animal slaughter, graphically detailing how cattle are skinned and have their tails and feet removed while still conscious. Th...

Gourmet Magazine Choking Us With Advertising?

by Nancy Ives 19 years ago

Wow, I received my copy of Gourmet yesterday and I was barely able to find the articles. The advertising is obnoxious. Is it just me or does anyone feel the same way? Nancy PS I am not renewin...

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