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Commercials with prop food

by FoodChic 11 years ago

Progresso is promoting its chicken broth, and on a recent commercial they show a woman's hand stirring what is supposed to be mashed potatoes Yet, the potatoes look more like a pot full of soap su...

Pro High Fructose Corn Syrup Commercials

by keith2000 12 years ago

The Corn Refiners Association has begun broadcasting commercials to change the image of high fructose corn syrup. The message of these spots is that high fructose corn syrup isn't bad for you and ...

82 Advertising Cookbooks 1878-1929 -great digitized collection!!!

by Nancy Berry 12 years ago

Duke University has posted a wonderful digitized collection of 82 historic advertising cookbook pamphlets as part of its massive collection of late 19th to early 20th century advertising pamphlets....

PF Chang's "Free entree" ad on Chound - THE CATCH

by ilikefood 12 years ago

Currently there is an ad for a "Free entree" from PF Chang's under "Sponsored Links" on right side of Chowhound home page. It states "Complimentary Xiao Huo grill entree.". It's followed by link ...

Fun SoBe Water Ad

by alkapal 12 years ago

Thought you might enjoy these animations.... http://www.thrillicious.com/

Favorite Food Commercials?

by ipsedixit 14 years ago

Do you have one? Either print, TV or radio? Current or past. One of my favorites was from the Got Milk? series, where the guy stuffs his face with cookies and realizes his glass of milk i...

Odd menu advertising

by Transplanted Texan 12 years ago

We made the mistake of going to Chileno's in Oklahoma City the other night. I've never been to restaurant whose menu had ads for bail bondsmen and criminal defense attorneys! Clearly the sign of ...

New Top Chef 'Chicago' Ads

by DKS1 12 years ago

I just have to say that I saw this ad for the first time last night (I realize I might be WAY behind the curve!) for the upcoming 2008/Chicago shows and I got SO excited about it! Anyone else have...

Gourmet Glatt advertisement

by MartyB 12 years ago

In the local Five Towns Pennysaver, Brachs, Supersol and Gourmet Glatt would advertise. This supplement would be in the Sunday Newsday as well as many times delivered on Shabbos. For the last few w...

Deceptive El Pollo Loco TV ad

by 2chez mike 13 years ago

In their most recent TV ad, El Pollo Loco sets up the viewer by explaining how healthy and low-fat their flame broiled chicken "breasts" are. The clincher comes at the very end where they sell you ...

TacoBell Chili Cheese Nachos Bel Grande Ad

by bbqboy 13 years ago

Does anyone else want to throw something thru the TV when this ad comes on? Those characters, and Devo singing "crack that whip" do not inspire me to go out and sample the product. Almost the op...

TV commercials but no local stores?

by SarahEats 13 years ago

The other day my husband and I noticed that Jack in the Box had started advertising in our area. I went online to check locations (we live near Philly) and the closest store is in North Carolina!! ...

Miller "High Life" $11.50 burger ad

by baltoellen 13 years ago

I don't watch tons of TV, and when I do, generally avoid watching ads for beer since they seem to be of the scantily clad women gyrating to music...but, last night, during the All Star game I saw a...

Logos, Mascots, Advertising Pranks and other Trix

by JeetJet 13 years ago

The Land O' Lakes logo prank of the Indian girl holding a box of butter in front of her has always been known. When the section of the butter box that she is holding is cut away, using a sharp knif...

thanks to the instructables.com ad--bacon mats!

by tatamagouche 13 years ago


Website showing Ads Vs. Real Fast Food

by Phaedrus 13 years ago

http://www.thewvsr.com/adsvsreality.htm I don't really know where this would fall in the topic areas. A buddy sent me this web site with pictures of the advertising shot of the specific food ve...

Chodorow - Justified for todays Ad?

by jcm 13 years ago

I have never been to his new Kobe joint, but taking out a full page to combat a poor review seems a bit childish. I am glad the nytimes took his money for the stunt, but it decreases the likelihoo...

your favorite chowish commercials

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 13 years ago

I'm listening to a radio broadcast from 2005, and charmed and captivated once again by a commercial for Pepsi (one of a series of ads promoting drinking Pepsi -- ick! -- with Italian food), that co...

Subliminal Advertising on the Food Network

Morton the Mousse
by Morton the Mousse 13 years ago

I was watching yesterday's episode of Iron Chef America (Morimoto vs Cantu). At the end of the episode, I noticed something weird flash on my TV screen. Since I have a DVR, I hit rewind and did a s...

Rachael Ray's Trisciut Advertisement

by jenniebnyc 13 years ago

I know she herself claims she is not a chef, but are you kidding me with these Triscuit recipes. Seriously, would anyone with a hint of cooking sense really make such stuff on a cracker. If you...

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