Don't Fear Fennel: How to Use This Bulbous Vegetable, from Fronds to Seeds

Fennel is a vegetable you may not be familiar with, but there’s a lot to love about the bulbous root veggie, from its anise flavor to its health benefits. And it really shines in the fall. If you’re...

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Where Can I Find Absinthe?

by DanielT 13 years ago

Absinthe was just legalized in the US and I've heard that a few LA area bars are serving it. Any idea where I can go to give this a try? And any suggestions on how to take it (straight shot or a su...

St. George California Absinthe

by sku 13 years ago

I recently got hold of a bottle of the new St. George Absinthe from St. George Spirits in Alameda, California. I tried it at varying strengths and sweetness levels and did a side by side with Luci...


Suzy Q
by Suzy Q 13 years ago

Hi guys...quick question. Does anyone know of or patronize a liquor store in the Triangle that sells absinthe?

Looking for absinthe

by spankbot 13 years ago

I'd like to buy a bottle. I know that a few bars in the area serve it. Do places like BevMo carry it? Bristol Farms? edit: Sorry for the multiple posts. I was getting an error from the site st...

Absinthe NYE Dinner

by foodsnob14 13 years ago

We are planning a dinner for New Years Eve. The spirit of choice will be absinthe now that you can legally purchase it. Any suggestions as to what to serve with Absinthe? Nothing too heavy....

LF absinthe rec: Kubler vs Lucid

by joreese 13 years ago

I've decided to pick up a bottle of absinthe as a Christmas present for a friend. After some research, I *think* my best bets are either Kubler or Lucid. They seem to be decent brands, I can get ...

Attraction of Absinthe vs. Arak

by Warthog 13 years ago

[Split from: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/448382] OK, I know that the ban had something to do with the adverse health effects of one ingredient - wormwood? For the uninitiated, such as my...

Real Absinthe...."King of Spirits"

by CapeCodGuy 14 years ago

I just got a gift from a Czech friend who warned me to "watch out" when I drank this. Other than the high proof (150 I think) do I really have to worry about all the twig material floating in the b...

Absinthe in Boston?

by ScubaSteve 13 years ago

i hear that they are now importing (and manufacturing) Absinthe to the US. i also heard that Kingston Station is serving this liquor. anyone know of any place serving, and if they do, do they do th...

Century Absinthe & Others

by Bluebeard 13 years ago

Whilst the US is being flooded with thujone free absinthe pastis (and associated hype in the media) there are a few quiet little corners of the world where the real Fee Verte flowers like a flowe...

absinthe spoon and glasses

by MunkeeCIAO 13 years ago

Just got back from France. Does anyone know where glasses and spoons can be purchased in the US? Thanks M

Lucid Absinthe

by sku 13 years ago

Anyone tried this yet? It's one of the first absinthes appearing on the US market since it was made legal. It's only available in Illinois, NY and NJ. I've never had absinthe and would be intere...

Pernod Absinthe

by vorpal 13 years ago

I've managed to locate Pernod Absinthe in my area, and I've always been curious to give absinthe a try. I don't have any particular expectations; I'm just interested in a new experience. That being...

Vintage Absinthe in Madrid/Barcelona?

by mreid01 13 years ago

Hello, Are there any sources in Madrid or Barcelona for vintage absinthe, preferably Pernod Fils? Many thanks, Mark

Bauer's "stars" vs review of SF's Absinthe

by Fine 13 years ago

Am I alone in finding odd the inconsistency between the 2 1/2 stars for food and the number of disappointments detailed in Wednesday's review?

Bar that serves Absinthe?

by cidonie 13 years ago

Hi. Is there a bar in Manhattan that serves Absinthe or absinthe mixed drinks? Thanks. L

New legal Absinthe w/WW

by Bighead 13 years ago

I hear there's a new legal Absinthe with wormwood for sale here in the US. I'll omit the name so as not to be a shill. Is this just the usual marketing hype or for real? I chased this stuff 8...


by aimeekm 14 years ago

Can I purchase Absinthe in Madrid and/or Barcelona (preferably Madrid)? If so where is it available? Thanks!

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