Don't Fear Fennel: How to Use This Bulbous Vegetable, from Fronds to Seeds

Fennel is a vegetable you may not be familiar with, but there’s a lot to love about the bulbous root veggie, from its anise flavor to its health benefits. And it really shines in the fall. If you’re...

Sazerac - Absinthe rinse substitute?

Ali G
by Ali G 7 years ago

Now that the weather is cooling down, I've been playing around with bourbon and rye, mostly making Old Fashioned's and Manhattans and drinking neat. I want to make a Sazerac and finally found some...

Copper & King's Absinthe Availability

by prasantrin 5 years ago

I'm planning on picking up some Copper & King's absinthe while I'm in MSP. Looking online, it's ~$55 at Surdyk's, and ~$70 at Total Wine. Are there any other liquor stores that might carry it? O...


by Carnivour 17 years ago

I heard there is a restaurant in NYC that serves absinthe. In fact, I think the place is called "l'absinthe" or something. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Absinthe Orinaire or Herbsaint for cocktails??

Ali G
by Ali G 6 years ago

I'm looking for an inexpensive absinthe for making cocktails - mostly Sazeracs, a few tiki drinks and other cocktails that sound interesting. Since I probably won't be sipping it and most recipes ...

Czech absinthe

by Bluebeard 14 years ago

I recently tried two Czech absinthes and noticed that they louched...that is turned a milky opal white when chilled water was added. According to http://czechabsinthe.wordpress.com there is a Boh...

Buying Absinthe in Paris or Brugge

by ComerDemonio 8 years ago

We'll be visiting Paris and Brugge next week and I'd like to buy a bottle of "real" absinthe. Is this possible again? I know the definition of "real" absinthe is open to debate but I have enjoye...

Trade body lashes out after EU rejects plans to define Absinthe

by zin1953 8 years ago


Best cocktail supply store in Manhattan? Also where to buy Absinthe spoons?

by murphlaw152 9 years ago

I am a big fan of Cocktail Kingdom and I would be so excited if they had a storefront...but they don't! Can anyone recommend 1) a good general cocktail supply store or any store that has a wide sel...

absinthe type liquor for sazerac

by charles_sills 9 years ago

Hello. I'm outside theliquor store right now, I wrote a long post a minute ago and hit the wrong Burton on my phone, so hear is the short version. I can get Pernod which I was told an acceptable s...

What are the best absinthe bars in Seattle?

by drdrink 12 years ago

Where can I go for artful absinthe cocktails, or even just to sip a fine absinthe?

North Shore Absinthe

by Hubie 9 years ago

I want to try absinthe bafore I buy it. Anyone know of an establishment that serves it,north of Boston? Thanks for your help.

Absinthe strickly for mixing

by tokyopix 9 years ago

What absinthe do you use for cocktails? I'm having a hard time finding it here in Tokyo and want to pick up a bottle in the US next month. The thing is, I don't love the flavor so I will not be dri...

Absente Absinthe

by DavidPalmer 10 years ago

I know next to nothing about absinthe in general, but I saw this bottle (the one with Van Gogh on the box) and decided what the hell. The little research I did told me since 2009 this brand has us...

Absinthe...Lucid or Grande Absente?

by houndgirl 13 years ago

My local liquor store dude informed me that they finally received their order of these two absinthes. I have read many reviews of Lucid, but the Grande Absente has just been released, so I'm having...

Anyone tried Lucid Absinthe?

by jpc8015 13 years ago

Has anyone tried Lucid Absinthe? I can get a bottle for about $50-$60 at my local liquor store but I don't know if I want to get the whole bottle without knowing if it's any good or not.


by whatdoisay 13 years ago

Is there any real, wormwood-full, Absinthe available in Montreal?

Any local retailers of Absinthe acessories ?

by YHC 11 years ago

Looking for any stores who carryu absinthe glasses, spoons and fountains. This would be in the lower mainland area. Thx YHC

Absinthe in Iowa

by Jeanh 11 years ago

I was at a wedding in Rockford Illinois last evening. I had read about a bar downtown there that served absinthe. Interesting stuff, interesting 'ritual' to serve it. So, I'm wondering if the...

Homemade Pernod / Absinthe

by StriperGuy 11 years ago

I don't drink Pernod very often so didn't feel like springing $35 for a bottle, but I like to have it around for a Sazerac. For some reason I had some anisette around and had been using that, but i...