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Sazerac - Absinthe rinse substitute?

by Ali G 4 years ago

Now that the weather is cooling down, I've been playing around with bourbon and rye, mostly making Old Fashioned's an...


stevewi commented 1 year ago

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Copper & King's Absinthe Availability

by prasantrin 2 years ago

I'm planning on picking up some Copper & King's absinthe while I'm in MSP. Looking online, it's ~$55 at Surdyk's, and...


by Carnivour 15 years ago

I heard there is a restaurant in NYC that serves absinthe. In fact, I think the place is called "l'absinthe" or somet...


m.tidewater commented 3 years ago

Absinthe Orinaire or Herbsaint for cocktails??

by Ali G 3 years ago

I'm looking for an inexpensive absinthe for making cocktails - mostly Sazeracs, a few tiki drinks and other cocktails...


davis_sq_pro commented 3 years ago

Czech absinthe

by Bluebeard 12 years ago

I recently tried two Czech absinthes and noticed that they louched...that is turned a milky opal white when chilled ...


eatzalot commented 4 years ago

Buying Absinthe in Paris or Brugge

by ComerDemonio 5 years ago

We'll be visiting Paris and Brugge next week and I'd like to buy a bottle of "real" absinthe. Is this possible again?...

Rio Yeti

Rio Yeti commented 5 years ago

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Trade body lashes out after EU rejects plans to define Absinthe

by zin1953 6 years ago

Best cocktail supply store in Manhattan? Also where to buy Absinthe spoons?

by murphlaw152 6 years ago

I am a big fan of Cocktail Kingdom and I would be so excited if they had a storefront...but they don't! Can anyone re...


murphlaw152 commented 6 years ago

absinthe type liquor for sazerac

by charles_sills 6 years ago

Hello. I'm outside theliquor store right now, I wrote a long post a minute ago and hit the wrong Burton on my phone, ...


lifeasbinge commented 6 years ago

What are the best absinthe bars in Seattle?

by drdrink 10 years ago

Where can I go for artful absinthe cocktails, or even just to sip a fine absinthe?


laurachow commented 6 years ago

North Shore Absinthe

by Hubie 6 years ago

I want to try absinthe bafore I buy it. Anyone know of an establishment that serves it,north of Boston? Thank...


Wino4 commented 6 years ago

Absinthe strickly for mixing

by tokyopix 6 years ago

What absinthe do you use for cocktails? I'm having a hard time finding it here in Tokyo and want to pick up a bottle ...


Legendre Herbsaint commented 6 years ago

Absente Absinthe

by DavidPalmer 7 years ago

I know next to nothing about absinthe in general, but I saw this bottle (the one with Van Gogh on the box) and decide...


pivulis commented 6 years ago

Absinthe...Lucid or Grande Absente?

by houndgirl 10 years ago

My local liquor store dude informed me that they finally received their order of these two absinthes. I have read man...


tinnywatty commented 6 years ago

Anyone tried Lucid Absinthe?

by jpc8015 10 years ago

Has anyone tried Lucid Absinthe? I can get a bottle for about $50-$60 at my local liquor store but I don't know if I ...


Miriam87 commented 6 years ago


by whatdoisay 10 years ago

Is there any real, wormwood-full, Absinthe available in Montreal?


edpernod commented 8 years ago

Any local retailers of Absinthe acessories ?

by YHC 8 years ago

Looking for any stores who carryu absinthe glasses, spoons and fountains. This would be in the lower mainland area. ...


jcolvin commented 8 years ago

Absinthe in Iowa

by Jeanh 8 years ago

I was at a wedding in Rockford Illinois last evening. I had read about a bar downtown there that served absinthe. ...


flyoverfoodie commented 8 years ago

Homemade Pernod / Absinthe

by StriperGuy 8 years ago

I don't drink Pernod very often so didn't feel like springing $35 for a bottle, but I like to have it around for a Sa...


yarm commented 8 years ago