Italiant Restaurant Near Stephenville/Abilene, TX

by inspiritedmama 5 years ago

I'm headed to the Abilene/Stephenville area next month, and would love to find a great italian restaurant. Preferably not too $$ but willing to pay for good food. Not entirely opposed to a chain r...

Abilene restaurant closes for attitude adjustment

by brucesw 8 years ago

With video http://www.bigcountryhomepage.com/story/abilene-schlotzskys-closed-for-attitude-adjustment/d/story/VxorIl92V0K4VJH34hXQEg

Joe Allen's in Abilene-new location

by mayjay 15 years ago

I grew up about 90 miles north of Abilene, and my family has always LOVED Joe Allen's. So, when we visited our hometown a couple of weeks ago, we made a detour (4 hours or so) on the drive back so...

If you're ever on 1-20 between DFW and Abilene, delicious Italian at Valentino's in Eastland

by shanagain 11 years ago

First, let me give you my bonafides, so to speak. I'm a Texas girl who loves my Italian after having lived in the NE (CT & NY) for ten years, so when I think pizza I think thin crust with a bit of...

Abilene & Big Country

by shanagain 11 years ago

Per another discussion, here are some of my Abilene recs if you're in the area. My steak recs are nothing new - Joe Allen's on 11th (near Treadaway) has improved almost immeasurably since abando...

Abilene -- where to eat?

Dallas Alice
by Dallas Alice 14 years ago

I'm going to Abilene for a few days, and need to know where to eat -- especially for dinner. I will be there on business with 6 to 8 people, and would like the best chow available. Cost not an is...

Joe Allen's, Abilene report

by bishopsbitter 15 years ago

Had heard a lot about this place. First the good points: The price was right (just over $20 for lunch for 2 plus tip); and the portions were decent. But that aside, this was not quite what I expe...

vegetarian visiting Abilene

by ironic 14 years ago

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm aware that West Texas is not a big hub of vegetarianism (for the record, I'll eat a little meat now and then, but a big slab-o-meat on a plate just won't work) I'...

chow options in and around Abilene

by hibachi 15 years ago

Looks like it's been awhile since the board had a summary of Abilene chow, so thought I'd contribute a few ideas. Restaurants near Abilene: have to mention Fort Griffin General Merchandise res...

Abilene: best food?

by springfever 15 years ago

I'm meeting friends in Abilene next weekend -- any good leads on great food? Especially looking for a place that accomodates vegetarians as well as meat eaters -- and by vegetarian, I mean hopeful...


by curiousfor chow 15 years ago

Headed to Abilene tomorrow.... any chow out there worth a hoot? curiousforchow

abilene bbq or steak

by beercoop 16 years ago

Coming up on Tuesday evening with my brother. Any recommendations. Thanks

Abilene report

by bb 17 years ago

Can heartily recommend G. W. s homestyle burgers (on I-20 Business: [south side of I-20biz]) in Abilene. This both for quality and price. A giant "GW" cheeseburger is all of $2.49(!) (about a 1/2 p...

Dining in Abilene

by Reba 18 years ago

Does any one know of a decent restaurant in Abilene? My last two trips found me dining at TaMolly's and the Olive Garden. And just for the record, TaMolly's had to be some of the worst tex-mex I ha...

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