Hand holding greasy pan

How Restaurants Can Help Dispose Your Cooking Oil



While dumping used oil down the drain clogs your plumbing, tossing it in the trash can be messy. Luckily, you can dispose of it using a restaurant’s
grease collection containers.
While there are a few fat, oil, and grease (FOG) recycling centers available, restaurants outnumber these centers
and are more accessible, as they’re scattered everywhere.
Typically, you’ll find a restaurant's grease disposal containers in the back of the eatery near other waste bins, but it's always best to ask for permission before using them.
Ask the restaurant manager
if it would be okay to drop off your grease and cooking oils from time to time. Take note of the rules and regulations on the proper disposal etiquette.
Using a restaurant's disposal services, you can keep your leftover oils from tainting natural ecosystems and help them get repurposed into byproducts
like biofuels and animal feed.
Not every restaurant will let you dump your grease on them, but many will because they often receive incentives and payments for recycling large quantities of cooking oils.