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Tell me if this is a good idea...

by joypirate 14 years ago

It is warm out. And with the warmth, comes my return to my herbaceous master, yes, I speak of Gin. Tell me what you think of this idea. I’ve got a very large bottle of Vermouth, more Vermouth than ...

Favorite Sakes?

by Akatonbo 14 years ago

I posted this at first on the beer page, but since most people (including me, up until yesterday!) seem to think that sake is a distilled spirit, I guess the post should go here: ...I'd like to ...

Kirin Distillery Company ROC

by Infomaniac 14 years ago

Cleaning out my parents basement, I came across quite a few bottles from this company. The bottles have never been opened, and I'm not sure but the bottles look like they are hand painted. My fathe...

Peach martinis

by dragonfly 14 years ago

Bought some overripe peaches at the farmers market this morning and considered making peach martini's. Any how-to ideas would be appreciated. Many thnx.

Drinks to order out that I can't make at home?

by JugglerDave 14 years ago

help! I'm stuck in a drink-ordering rut when I got out to eat. Basically, I tend to order my 'standard' Grey Goose martini up w/ olives, and can never think of anything else to order. Occasional...

Adelour A' Bundah

by Candy 14 years ago

We had that as an after dinner drink last night and had not seen it before. It is a most excellent single malt and worth looking for. My DH looked it up when we got home and the site he was checkin...

Strawberry Daquiri recipe?

by Janie 14 years ago

Can't find my recipe anywhere, but remember it took rum (can't remember light or dark), and I put fresh strawberries, strawberry ice (like gelato), ice cubes..can't remember the portions though for...

Where to find Rakia?, Banitza and a moral

by Roger S 17 years ago

There are supposedly places in New York where one can find Rakia, an amazing Bulgarian spirit that is similar to grappa (but much better!). I have been hunting this stuff all over NY...unsuccessf...

Droste Bittersweet Chocolate Liqueur

by sunni 16 years ago

This was the very best chocolate liqueur ever made, but it has been unavailable in the US for many years. I can hardly find a mention of it on the internet. I sent an e-mail to the Droste company...

Pisc sour question

by Martha Gehan 19 years ago

From a pisco sour recipe printed on a bottle of pisco bought in the Lima airport: a list of ingredients including "jarabe de goma". An English-Spanish dictionary defines "goma" as "rubber". This...

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