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Traditional Margaritas for a non-Margarita crowd . . . Advice? Suggestions?

by La Dolce Vita 12 years ago

I'm not sure if this should be on this board, or the spirts board, so forgive me, moderators. Yesterday I made sem...


ashwood commented 12 years ago

Dirty Martinis

by robeen 14 years ago

My new favorite drink is a "dirty martini" but I haven't been able to make them quite as good as I have had in some b...


ashwood commented 12 years ago

Anyone tried Lichido?

by Schveinhund 12 years ago

I read a review about it on the Liquor's a new lychee liquor...And I love lychees! http://www.liquorsnob...


liverfail commented 12 years ago

Patron Tequilas

by Griller 12 years ago

While in FLA we chanced upon Margueritas made with a Patron Tequila(not sure which of the three labels); the Margueri...


Schveinhund commented 12 years ago

Buffalo Trace or Sazerac Rye in San Francisco?

by Tatum 12 years ago

Anyone know where I might be able to track down these fine bourbons in/near SF? Thanks!


Tatum commented 12 years ago

reactions to cognac

by tilly 12 years ago

Does anyone know of any adverse reactions to drinking Cognac? I know that wine imported into the US has sulfites that...


JMF commented 12 years ago

California Punch

by LuluTheMagnificent 12 years ago

For fellow chowhounders... california punch you need: one shot glass and one drinking glass. ingredients: mal...


LuluTheMagnificent commented 12 years ago

Pierre Ferrand Cognac

by FrankJBN 12 years ago

I feel bad. A friend gave me a bottle of Ambre last Christmas. grand Champagne, blend of minimum 10 year old stocks....


JMF commented 12 years ago

Stoli Blueberry

by MEalcentric 12 years ago

I know it looks and sounds gimmicky, but I'm tempted to try it. Has anyone else given it a try?


coll commented 12 years ago


by coolbean98 12 years ago

This weekend my husband and I tried out some recipes from this awesome site:


JMF commented 12 years ago

Maker's Mark

by Xericx 12 years ago

my favorite spirit.....what's good to mix with? I usually do a maker's and coke or a maker's and ginger ale...simple ...


erikka commented 12 years ago

Regans' Orange Bitters

by verb72 12 years ago

Anyone know where I can get Regans' Orange Bitters in NYC. I know about the small store in Redhook, but that's tough ...


rosswords commented 12 years ago

Where to Buy Blanco de Navarra Avellana in the United States?

by gyp7318 12 years ago

I went to Spain twice in the past year and absolutely loved it there, especially a liquor we had as a digestive in a ...


gyp7318 commented 12 years ago

Martini is a martini is a martini

by olfashiond 12 years ago

Before I begin, I just want to say that I'm not trying to cause trouble, and I hope that replies to this post (if any...


ashwood commented 12 years ago

Glacier Vodka [Split from General Topics board]

by bogie 12 years ago

[The Chowhound Team split this discussion from its original location on the General Topics board, here:


verb72 commented 12 years ago

Substituting Kirsch for Maraschino?

by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 12 years ago

I recently went out and bought a decent bottle of kirschwasser for cheese fondue. While looking through various cock...


warrenr commented 12 years ago

Great vermouth

by jacquelinec 12 years ago

Hi - sipping a a new favorite, Vya Vermouth on the rocks - half sweet and half dry. Never was a vermouth fan before, ...


jacquelinec commented 12 years ago

Mojito time!

by Nyleve 12 years ago

I think I lost my recipe from last summer. My mint plant is calling me and I bought a big bag of limes the other day....


andy huse commented 12 years ago

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Nocino update

by rootlesscosmo 12 years ago

I just filled 20 250ml bottles with the Nocino I made according to the recipe from Jim Haag at www.Walnuts.US A...

Beautiful "Cocktails".....Carmel-by-the Sea.......(w/PHOTO)

by Funwithfood 12 years ago

My 'spousal unit' made these beautiful "cocktails" last night, naming them after our favorite vacation spot...Carmel-...


Funwithfood commented 12 years ago

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