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Mail Order Meat for Christmas

by fladd 18 years ago

My dad grew up in Upstate New York. His father was a great cook and we all have memories of Opa's barbecue. I was wondering if Tobin's still makes their White Hots - bratwurst/hot dogs. Their websi...

Mail Order Meat

by Chuck Kirkpatrick 19 years ago

I'm looking for alternatives to Pfaelzer Brothers for mail order steaks, etc. They are good, but not quite that good. We use them for gifts. Any ideas?

mail order steaks

by John F. 19 years ago

Who has the best mail order steaks? I've only tried Omaha Steaks, and found them to be very good. I heard Allen Bros. is excellent, and that they sell prime beef to the finest steak houses. I haven...

mail order cheese please

by Randy Salenfriend 19 years ago

Following Andy's recent post re: Crozier, my taste buds went into overdrive, especially after reading Andy & Rochelle's laudatory comments about Say Cheese. Thus I set out to find a great site from...

Mail Order Food

by Caitlin Wheeler 19 years ago

My parents are returning home to CA after a year long sojourn in Europe, and I'd like to have some food waiting for them on their doorstep -- preferably an easy-to-make but delicious dinner. I was...

Wine, foie gras and cheese mail order in France

by wendy jackson 19 years ago

The boss wants to send the above to his friend in the south of France. I know that fromages.com does a bottle of wine and two cheeses, but I am looking for a shop or website that would offer a wid...

Source for mail order apricots?

by Janet Calvin 19 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of a good source for apricots that can ship to Rancho Santa Fe, CA specifically? My aunt was bemoaning the fact that she has not bothered to buy apricots for 20 plus year...

Has anyone particpated in a CSA in Brooklyn?

by MarthaD 19 years ago

I moved to Park Slope from Chicago recently and am trying to hookup with a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)as I loved the one I belonged to in Chicago. And no- I didn't fully comprehend the de...

Community Supported Agriculture ( CSA)

by claudia raab 19 years ago

If you are interested in subscribing to a weekly share of organic produce, delivered to distribution point in the Fairmount Area on the day the veggies are harvested ( grown in Lancaster co...

Cheese danish by mail order

by david schneider 19 years ago

Can anyone give me name(s) of places where one can get great cheese danish via mail order? ; Thanks

Mail order cheese

by Liza 20 years ago

I'd visited igourmet.com before and been thrilled that they had my favorite Dutch cheese, Dorothea. I went back there recently and was even more thrilled that they now offer sample size portions of...

Mail-order source for Asian ingredients?

by Jesse Sheidlower 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a good mail-order, preferably Web-based, source for Asian ingredients? I don't need anything too fancy, but I'm living in the middle of nowhere and I can't even get non-supermar...


by Vivian 20 years ago

Hello everyone, First let me wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season!! Now to my question: Does ANYBODY out there know where I can find a mail-order company who sells beer from all ...

Mail Order - Chocolates

by Rachel Perlow 20 years ago

For good old fashioned chocolates and candies, check out See's Candies. It has been a topic lately on the SF Bay Area board, but I thought as it does a large mail order business, that I'd put a li...

Mail order Medjool Dates

by jonathan sibley 20 years ago

I happened to be searching for dates (the edible kind, and I'm not a cannibal) on the web and realized that there are many sources. Any recommendations of good sources or places to avoid? Btw, th...

mail order jerk sauce???

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

My friend Bob is heartbroken that Vernon's went out of business...he used to get his jerk sauce (via mail order...he's in Alabama) from them. Does anybody have a favorite mail order jerk sauce to...

Csardas Hungarian Restaurant

by Steve Viterali 21 years ago

I stopped in Csardas for lunch today......this is one of New Brunswicks best kepted secrets. It's on the corner of Somerset and Plum streets in a low-key and easy to miss brick buiding. Most people...

Finding stores that send South Indian vegetables by mail

by Ann John 21 years ago

Does anyone know any stores that send South Indian vegetables by mail in America? I am looking for a vegetable called "Kadachakka" in Kerala which is an Indian state. Thank you for anyone who wi...

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