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Reservations for The French Laundry Spring 2019

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

Hi all, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this post dedicated to that purpose. We have locked the previous French Laundry reservati...

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Ardo is getting a baby sister

by Googs 1 day ago

Dova Restaurant is set to open in just a few weeks. Colour me excited. https://www.instagram.com/dova.restaurant/


Duluth Restaurants

by jspear3815 1 day ago

Friends are retiring and moving to the Duluth area. Do you have restaurant or market recomemndations?

Where was Rocco's in the early '90's

C. Hamster
by C. Hamster 3 years ago

I've started to read Barbara Lynch's autobiography which is ok and a trip down memory lane, for sure. I have recognized all of the places she worked so far with the exception of Rocco's (also wi...

Boston Restaurants Closings, that summer of Covid

by hotoynoodle 24 days ago

june was awful and i suspect july and august will be a bloodbath -- especially since the eviction moratorium no longer holds. remember in good times how active the old Boston Openings/Closings t...

WTF Zen Japanese Restaurant

by Googs 14 days ago

15 bucks an hour for your head chef? You realize, of course, this means you pay less than Church's Chicken, Popeye's, and a whole host of other places that don't cost $800 for dinner for two.


John Talbot

by pettermintpatty 1 day ago

I am concerned as I have not seen any posting on John's blog or this site since Feb. 12. Is he just taking time off during this terrible time and will be back soon? I miss him.

Won Tons @ New Gold Medal | Chinatown - Oakland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

Wanting to grab some quick Chinese take-out for lunch today before leaving Oakland for my next stop, I cruised Chinatown until I spotted a parking space in front of stalwart, New Gold Medal. Though...

Best Deviled Crabs in Tampa

by andy huse 14 years ago

after many disappointing deviled crabs and writing about the origins of the dish for Cigar City Magazine, i finally found a few specimens i can recommend to such esteemed colleagues. At Cacciato...

Grain House, UWS, Delicious Szechuan

by vinouspleasure 1 day ago

with our go to szechuan restaurant, szechuan garden, closed during the pandemic we decided to give the Grain House another try. Our first visit a couple of years ago didn't go well but we primarily...

Han Dynasty UWS, yuck!

by vinouspleasure 19 days ago

we ordered in from the well-reviewed (yelp) han dynasty, first time eating their food, better than the vast majority of westchester chinese restaurants but terrible by nyc standards. I've come to b...


Raaga's Previous Chef Ramesh -- Where is he now?

by alkapal 2 days ago

Missing a special dish the previous chef -- Ramesh -- of Raaga Indian, Falls Church, made for me. Does anyone know where he may have gone in the area to be a chef? (He was there maybe eight years...

Best Ice Cream in City?

by aanguyenn 10 days ago

Covid-19 has gotten me exploring the city for ice cream. I used to think Haagen Daz was already the best, but now that i've gotten to try some of Toronto's Local ice cream, its completely changed m...

Chez Enzo was on rue du dragon, where now?

by orangewasabi 9 years ago

loved this place in the6th, its under construction now. are they just remodelling or did the restaurant move? or did the chef move on? help!

Gabriella's Italian/Latin Fusion opens in White Plains...

by gutreactions 2 days ago

First noticed the new sign weeks ago when driving past the former Ernesto's location at 130 W. Post Road in White Plains. Pandemic or not, here they are: mother and daughter Miguelina Martinez and ...

Remember Hobeau's?

by Linda 17 years ago

When we lived in NY, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Hobeau's, which sadly has closed. Has anyone found another restaurant with similar menu, price, and ambiance?