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Dinner near The Huntington Theatre

by hotoynoodle 6 days ago

seeing quixote nuevo tomorrow and wondering what's good/new these days? the search function on here is useless and is showing threads from 9-13 years ago. my old go-to was brasserie jo, RIP. t...

Help with decision: Casa Julian vs Casa Nicolas vs El capricho

by silverlim 2 months ago

We will be in the Basque Country in November. We like to go to one of these 3 highly rated steak restaurant but we can't decide which one to go. FYI, We have never been to any one of them and we a...

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Gigante Restaurant set to open at Lake Isle, Eastchester...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Gigante Restaurant & Bar is set to open at Lake Isle Country Club on White Plains Road, Eastchester. It is owned and operated by veteran restaurateur Louis Gigante of Mulino of Westchester, White P...

Late Night Quality-Food Delivery in San Diego

by DoctorChow 14 days ago

So, OK, I've been ordering from Doordash and Grubhub of late. I've had good experiences (hot, fresh tasting) and bad (not so "hot" -- and delivery problems). But the available options become fewe...

Solo dim sum Brooklyn/Flushing Chinatown

by borisabrams 9 hours ago

Hi! I have some time off and want to go and explore Chinatown in Sunset Park and Flushing, NY. I know dim sum is usually a family style meal, but if I were to eat solo, where would be the best ...

Fog Harbor Fish House (SF Pier 39)?

by Malcolm Ruthven 11 hours ago

I read today that they won TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice awards as the sixth best in the "everyday dining" category. The few posts here are several years old. Anyone been lately? https://www.sfg...

Cincinnati: Szechwan Wok is closing

by johnbycz 12 years ago

The Szechuan Wok in Silverton is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati, and we learned when we ate there on Friday that it's closing for good around Nov. 13. The owner and the chef are both ...

Dinner in Quincy, IL?

by mpollmann 13 years ago

okay, i posted a couple days ago trying to find places to eat in Hannibal, MO. i'm finding that may not have many options...how about Quincy, IL? i've heard there are a few places, namely Busy Bi...

Noosh soft opening

by Ridge 9 months ago

One of our favorite meals last year was at The Istanbul modern pop-up in SF. You can read my review here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/istanbul-modern-1072012 The Chef couple in-charge, Lau...


NYE in New Orleans - celebration suggestions

by kingmelaniea 24 hours ago

Hi everyone - first time poster here! Going to New Orleans for the first time ever with my husband for the week after Christmas which means we’ll be there for New Year’s Eve celebrations. I’d ap...


Finalizing Mexico City Itinerary, plus Oaxaca suggestions!

by carineLS 23 hours ago

I will be in Mexico City for the first time just after the new year. I’m there from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. I’ve already made several reservations, but looking to fine tune or get othe...

Fiesta Oaxaca | Santa Fe, NM

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

On the first day of my New Mexico vacation, I continued to Santa Fe after lunch #2 at Dog House Drive-In. https://www.chowhound.com/post/dog-house-drive-albuquerque-1085900 Our plan was to hav...


Old Standby PPQ still delivers

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 1 day ago

I don't get out to the Inner Sunset much these days but found myself within a couple of blocks from PPQ the other day so I stopped in for lunch. The chicken curry pho was as great as ever. Super fl...

Queztal - Anyone been?

by Sadistick 17 hours ago

I searched the board but oddly enough I could not find anything about this place... Looking for something different (a Mexican tasting menu would fit that bill!) and have heard a few good things...

Keens Mutton Chop

by JayBird0711 1 month ago

What is the recommendation on how to properly order it....medium rare, medium?

Ruan Thai: Thai Smackdown

by Steve 14 years ago

As a continuation of our Thai Smackdown, a group of us recently went to Ruan Thai in Silver Spring to see how this small storefront stacked up against some of the best in the area. Wow! I loved it...


Frankly Pizza - Kensington, MD

by pinkfloydx 23 hours ago

If you are looking for wood burn oven pizza with amazing Neapolitan crust, you must try Frankly Pizza. I have tried Neapoliten pizza in Italy, Toronto (Pizzeria Libretto, which is amazing), and DC....

Huarascan, Peruvian in Del Ray

by Steve 8 days ago

Although I've passed by this true hole-in-the-wall a gazillion times, yesterday was my first time to stop by. The sign said open for breakfast, and it was 7am. I couldn't resist trying the tama...


Edomae Kiyomi (sushi omakase and tempura omakase)

by cakumadesu 2 days ago

Another new Japanese restaurant has recently opened up on Gerrard St East. This place offers sushi omakase course and tempura omakase course. They are having soft opening promotion at the moment, w...

FRILU – A ‘Notable, Novel, November, Nordic-Nippon’ Omakase experience! (Long Review)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 days ago

These days, when eating out and taking in certain fine-dining experiences, it would be hard pressed NOT to encounter cooking that had been infused with some form of fusion approach. Culinary landsc...