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Sofia Fabulous Grill, E 63

by Barbara 23 years ago

Has anyone been to Sofia Fabulous Grill on E 63 - same owners as Sofia Fabulous Pizza on upper Madison Ave.? Am interested in quality, menu selection (type of food) and price. Thanks.


by bacon 23 years ago

the original yama is great the fish is super fresh the gyoza are the best in the city i love it

pittsburgh eats

by eli bradley 23 years ago

gonna be in downtown pittsburgh (whoopee) wednesday night. any suggestions on where to eat on a company account?

Jersey bagels !!

by Bob LoParo 23 years ago

I think it is the water ! I have worked in Metro NYC for almost 10 years. In that time I have eaten bagels from just about everywhere. I have found time and time again that the best bagel I h...

Polish in Forest Hills

by Dave Feldman 23 years ago

Just wanted to report on a charming Polish restaurant in Forest Hills: "Just Like Mothers" . It's located at 110-60 Queens Blvd. (Ascan Ave. & 73rd St.). Five of us ate dinner there this week. ...

Downtown finds

by Shemmy Mishaan 23 years ago

I live in TriBeCa and work even further downtown. I'm always looking for suggestions of interesting little places at the tip of the island. Anyone have any little-known suggestions?

Manhattan Greek

by Shemmy Mishaan 23 years ago

In light of the spate of high-line Greek openings in Manhattan, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for great reasonable Greek restaurants in the borough. I'm partial to Agrotikon on Eas...

Chowhounding on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

by Jim Zurer 23 years ago

We made one of our regular stops on Arthur Avenue en route from Monroe NY to Washington DC. Since it was Sunday, many shops and restaurants were closed-- including Full Moon Pizza and Cafe Margar...

Bistro Maxime in Chappaqua

by Josh Mittleman 23 years ago

Great meal number two was at Bistro Maxime, in downtown Chappaqua. This is also not inexpensive -- $40 to $50 per person for a full dinner with wine -- but it's very good for the occasional speci...

good eats across europe

by Matthew Kronsberg 23 years ago

Sr. Big-dog, So,, you're an expert on Barcelona. Well, I'm heading over there (well, actually Portugal, Spain, France and Italy) this Wednesday for a month long wander. I'm more or less trave...

cheap pasta & pizza in rome

by maya rutherford 23 years ago

IVO's in Rome is very quick, good and inexpensive pasta and pizza. The service is rapid and on the verge of being hyper-active--the staff wears soccer jerseys and there are pictures of italian ...

Back from DC

by Pete Feliz 23 years ago

Thanks again for the info. Unfortunately--with four kids under the age of twelve--it was McD's and its clones. I didn't even get the chance to eat at Scholl's. Still, I think I went one better tha...

Full Kee -- My favorite Chinese restaurant in DC

by Jim Zurer 23 years ago

You might easily walk past the somewhat grimy window of Full Kee on the edge of Washington's very small Chinatown, but that would be a big mistake. Full Kee is a marvel....a consistently excell...

Apples apples apples

by Hubey Plummer 23 years ago

Hey, only three more weeks of summer and the cool temps today have put me in the mind of autumn. Fall foliage, pumpkins, and APPLES! Every year we make a trip upstate to Klaverak NY to the Phili...

disappointing lunch

by Susan 23 years ago

Since we needed a lunch place near the Schomburg Library (135th St & Lenox)and Charles doesn't open until 4 PM, we ended up at Emily's on Fifth and 111th. Got a 21 rating in Zagat(!?)but was bo...

jailed in manhattan

by allan evans 23 years ago

The poor Manhattanites, so loathe to leave their blessed Borough, will probably never get to eat at Bo. At least you can read about it and weep (see the Outer Boroughs message board).

On road to Nantucket

by Dave Feldman 23 years ago

Some friends and I will be driving to (and, assuming we remain alive) and back from Nantucket. Any ideas about where to eat while on the road? And is there, by any chance, any place with edible fo...


by bryan alexander 23 years ago

Bennigans in Commack makes some pretty mean nachos. Jim, give me a call when you get a chance.

Mexico City

by Jim Leff 23 years ago

I'll be making my first trip ever to Mexico City later this month. I'm staying in a nabe called "Condessa" or "Contessa", at #287 Insurgente Sur. Any tips?

Tell me...

by Frank Language 23 years ago

..about "Princess Pamela's Southern Touch". I was wondering where the Princess had gone, and then I stumbled across this restaurant when I was walking home one evening. I remember when she had "...

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