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Metisse or Savann?

by JimmyZ. 22 years ago

For a charming, cozy Valentine's dinner, should I head all the way uptown to Metisse or try Savann, which I've heard uneven things about. Or should I just stick with my reservation at Bottino a...

Forest Hills

by Jordan 22 years ago

Where's the chow in Forest Hills? I have a movie date there next week-end.

9 AM Sunday Chinatown Breakfast

by BillL 22 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows of a great place to go in Chinatown (or other spot in Manhattan) to go for a Sunday morning meal? Thanks. Bill L

Coco Roco (Peruvian in Park Slope)

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

We went with some friends to Coco Roco (392 Fifth Ave, brooklyn) this afternoon for lunch. On the whole, I refer the food at Rinconcito Peruano in Manhattan, which is also a lot cheaper. Howev...


by Michele Fuchs 23 years ago

I have some favorite places but... I would like to know which restaurants (all price levels) chowhounds think have the best escargot. This could be traditional (the more butter and garlic, the bett...

Delhi Palace / Jackson Diner / Tabaq

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

I have heard and read wildly contradictory and varying reports about these places over the past few weeks and months. Has anyone been recently to report?

egg creams

by Rocco 22 years ago

kings highway and east 16th street -- great egg creams, if you can look past the plastic cups.

Spazzia/Ruby Fu's

by Tom Goldstone 22 years ago

In the past two weeks I've been to 2 brand new Upper West Side restaurants and had VERY different experiences... SPAZZIA -- 77th and Columbus -- owned and run by the same people who brought yo...

Afghan in Woodside

by Jeremy Osner 23 years ago

Following the EGG, we dined at Speengar on Friday night. Our shared dinner was Aukush (scallion ravioli with yogurt; I might be spelling it wrong), Narienge Palaw (pilaf with saffron and orange ...

Angelo's on Mulberry St. and/ or other 'Little Italy" recommendations.

by David Martin 22 years ago

I am setting up a social/buisness dinner for about 6 people. I had been to Angelo's many years ago and enjoyed it then. I would welcome any updated opinions or any suggestions for dinner in 'Lit...

Bruno's--Pleasanton, CA

by george osner 22 years ago

Pleasanton's downtown is a hidden gem. This is a suburban city just east of Oakland, with 2 Interstates running alongside it (I-580 & 680), and the normal compliment of huge freeway-oriented Ca...


by Debbie Puente 22 years ago

First of all, HEY DAVE, I FOUND IT! (Not that it was hard to find.) I'm being taken to Campanile this week as a thank you gift. I just finished reading the reply from Jonathan Gold and I think...

Cesar -- Berkeley

by rachelhope 22 years ago

Posting from Cesar, a tapas bar co-owned by Alice Waters, right next door to Chez Panisse. Went to Cesar this evening with 6 friends, and tried a good sampling of their offerings. The restaura...

Pacific Northwest Restaurants--looking for Barbara Spigler

by Tom Armitage 22 years ago

On January 30, I received an e-mail from Barbara Spigler, who said she had found my e-mail address at the Chowhound site, and asked me for recommendations in connection with a trip to Seattle, V...

Sandwiches in Modesto, CA

by george osner 22 years ago

Pretty basic chow, sandwiches. Modesto has many places you can go to get a sandwich, but my easy favorite is The Brighter Side, 13th & K Streets in downtown. It's a funky place, run by folks w...

O Padeiro

by Jeremy Osner 23 years ago

I was really intrigued by Asimov's review of O Padeiro on Wednesday. Has anyone around here eaten there? Comments? I'll probably be going there a few times in January (it sounds like great col...

cambodian crisis

by allan evans 23 years ago

The SEA Cambodian restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is still closed, despite their sign stating that January 8th would be re-opening day! Would someone who frequents or lives near the site re...

I Coppi -- New Tuscan in the East Village

by Dave Feldman 23 years ago

Full Disclosure Upfront: I'm about to recommend a new restaurant owned and operated by two friends. Because they are friends, and I've seen them work on gathering the funds for five years, and th...


by Allan Evans 22 years ago

Due to work at Lincoln Center, I've been eating at Josefina's and must compliment their simple, tasty, well-proportioned cooking. Today they had a smooth, rich, thick black bean soup topped with mi...

Picholine, Tabla or Verbena for a 40 Birthday dinner

by Ellen 22 years ago

I have narrowed it down to these 3-any suggestions which to choose? Thanks!

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