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Boston St. Paddy's

by John Knoesel 22 years ago

I'll be in Beantown on 3/17. My clients are in the Pru Bldg. Last time we ate at Abe & Louie's. Give me something fairly close and good!!! Regards, JK

Kurry -n- Kabab in Jersey City, Round 2

by steve d. 22 years ago

I felt a scratchiness at the back of my throat, so headed back to my halal Pakistani favorite on Grove St. -- the efficacity of subcontinental spices against all colds and flus is a harmless supers...

Forest Hills

by Jim 22 years ago

I am looking for a decent inexpensive place in Forest Hills (preferally Austin St.) with good ribs and steaks.


by Abigail 22 years ago

Schultz cider millin Armonk makes unbelievably great homemade dontus. Three kinds plain, powdered sugar and cinammon . Customers are allowed to buy only one dozen. Strictly enforced so bring l...

Where is Ken Frank?

by Sarah 22 years ago

Before my husband and I left LA last year for New Orleans we heard that Ken Frank had left Fenix and was planning to open a restaurant in the Napa Valley area. Does anyone know if he did that a...

Please help in finding a location

by Dekker 22 years ago

I am getting married and want to through a private party in Los Angeles for about a head count of 35 people. Anybody know a place where i can feed them and liquor them up for a reasonable price ...

Milan's in Brooklyn

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

I'd like to state for the record that Eric Asimov's NY Times review last week of wonderful Milan's Restaurant was based on an independent discovery of his, even though it also happens to appear in ...


by Eric R. 22 years ago

For my birthday I was taken to Tabla. Very impressed! The place is spacious, well appointed, and visually exciting. The staff was helpful and cordial without being cloying or overbearing ( the u...

Pismo Beach / Morro Bay

by Tom Armitage 22 years ago

This coming weekend I'll be in the general area of Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. Any suggestions for chowhounding, other than the Santa Maria BBQ places?


by rex 23 years ago

has anyone been to well's in harlem? what's the food &music like? can we turn up late &just listen? thanks

Miami Eats

by ivanstoler 22 years ago

Just got back from Miami. Some real changes, Joes stone Crabs keeps getting larger but NOT better. Fish was frozen, prices have increased tremendously. it's not worth the wait. And, I was told t...

Bo-ing, Bo-ing, gone

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

So has it really happened? We were finally going to try Bo tonight, drove by at about 7:30, and it was closed! We went to Salut, an uzbek kosher place to console ourselves instead with korean...

Wine room/private room

by Tom G. 22 years ago

Looking for a restaurant with a special private room for my father's 60th birthday party...What I envision is a wine cellar/wine room...I know Picholine and "21" have them, but they're booked......


by Shantanu Mohan 22 years ago

I have loved Indian food for years. I did the 6th Street thing and fell in to the cury. The Akbar on 57th has now been revamoped. The new chef Rana and the young owner have totally changed th...

St. Joseph's Web Site

by Lisa Antinore 23 years ago

http://members.aol.com/nonstopny/italiano/stjoseph.htm is a great site if you're interested in learning about the many Sicilian customs and recipes of St. Joseph's Day...

Sfingi di San Giuseppe

by Lisa Antinore 23 years ago

I swore I was only going to pick up some pignoli cookies at D'Aquila Bakery (right next door to Graziella Pizza at 33-25 Francis Lewis Blvd- gotta have a slab of their grilled vegetable focaccia s...

Eclectic Village/Soho spot

by Patrick 22 years ago

I'll be in the city in a few weeks with a group of 5 or 6 and I'm looking for a relaxed, somewhat eclectic spot to bring them to dinner. Any thoughts on Danal, The Elephant, Le Tableau or Mesop...

Breakfast in Phoenix

by Jim Dorsch 22 years ago

Any advice on Phoenix restaurants worth visiting? I always like to start with a nice breakfast in one of those downtown breakfast/lunch joints that's been there forever. For lunch and dinner, the ...

Han Yang Heaven

by Lisa Antinore 24 years ago

MMMMMMMMM!! Just finished up the last of some wonderful slabs of tempura-style "coo coo ma." I have no clue if I'm spelling it correctly, but I'm referring to Korean white, sweet potatoes that are...

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