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Maya or Patria?

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

It is Mrs. D's (if John K. can do it, so can I) birthday next week, and I was thnking of taking her to Maya or Patria. I am desparate for a chowhound perspective on either of these places -- ar...

restaurants in Italy for this summer...with the family!

by Lisa R. 22 years ago

We are attempting the huge undertaking of taking two kids to Italy this summer...part will be spent w/ friends in the area north of Parma, but we also want to visit Venice, Liguria and possibly P...

theater district eateries \\\\\

by J Zamorski 22 years ago

I will be entertaining clients and need a great suggestion. What do you recommend besides JOE ALLEN, BARBETTA, and ORSO ? I want to try something else.


by E. Cornell 22 years ago

We will be foraging for one dinner and one breakfast in Philadelphia in late June. We would like to eat dinner at a place with (ideally) low lighting that won't break the bank, but we aren't inter...

Atlantic City Ideas requested

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

I'll be going to A.C. this weekend and although I've got a dinner obligation on Saturday night, I'm looking for any food ideas (snacks, junk, upscale, whatever) for A.C. Any good cheesesteaks? ...

Bo In

by Alan Bromberg 22 years ago

Heard there was a major review of Bo's in Queens coming out.Has anyone seen anything?

Good Restaurant in WTC area

by kush 22 years ago

Hi all, can anyone suggest me some "good" restaurants (Asian, Mexican, Italian or anything which has great food!) which is close to World Trade Centre? I am new to NYC and would like to get e...

Found yourself in Milford, Mi. and don't know where to go for GOOD food?

by Jeff 22 years ago

Go to Five Lakes Grill or The Appeteaser. Both are VERY good, neither are cheap, though.

Julian's Revisited

by John N. Knoesel 22 years ago

A few months ago a fellow chowhound sort of bashed Julian's ( 9th ave. & 53rd Street ). I just came back from a great lunch at Julian's. They have a new menu and a new chef, Malcolm Johnson, form...

Piccola Venezia's 25th Anniversary

by John Knoesel 22 years ago

What can I say. Probably the most consistent and friendly restaurant in Queens is celebratingit's 25th anniversary, Congratulations to Ezio and his son Roberto on their great food and hospitalit...

East Village Eats

by Alex Wolfman 22 years ago

I recently moved to the East Village and would like to know of any restaurants to check out in the neighborhood. In the last few months I have been to some really great places in the area, incl...

try this out if you want a fat, triple-bypass reality sandwich....

by jeff 22 years ago

If you live in Queens, check out "HOW SIGN IS HIGH?" every Monday night at 11pm. Brought to you by your good friends at Stinko Productions. A vile assault on your sensibilities for TV viewers who ...

Turkish in Mamaroneck

by Fred Goodman 22 years ago

Surprised to notice a new Turkish restaurant on the main drag in Mamaroneck, about 2 blocks from the Boston Post Rd. Anyone checked it out?

Regional areas and dishes

by Sandy Wells 22 years ago

Hi all: Great board, what a concept....I really like the word "opine"...has a nice ring to it. I'm a native of San Diego, CA and have been cooking Mexican food and other cuisines for year...

ChowHound Help, por favor....

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

I recently accepted a weekly restaurant review column for Queens Ledger Papers. They produce seventeen different community publications (everything from LIC, Astoria, Maspeth, Glendale, Ridgewood,...

La Detente

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

Had a really nice Hatian taxi driver last night after the Erykah Badu concert (truly amazing!!!) and he gushed and gushed about the Hatian-Creole "La Detente" on 94th Street off the Grand Central. ...

A Good Mexican Restaurant in Westchester

by George Miller 22 years ago

Anybody got any ideas? I'm taking my daughter to dinner, and now that Don Emilio is no longer in Larchmont, I don't know where to go.


by Jim Leff 22 years ago

my god, what a weird experience. I stuck my head into Teresa's last night, and was so completely disoriented that I had to check the sign outside literally three times to be sure it was the same pl...

westport, connecticut

by stephanie 22 years ago

I am looking for some good, reasonably priced restaurants in the Westport area. All the good places are so expensive!

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