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by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

Hi all, I am hosting a party next week and would like to serve sangria. Looking on the web for a recipe I am confronted by a bewildering array of choices; some are just wine and lime juice, so...

jim - where are the great westbury pupusas?

by diane 21 years ago

jim or whoever is in the know, please tell me the name(s) and general location(s) of the pupuseria(s) in westbury that you referred to in an earlier post. is westbury still worth the trek? my ...

Unmissable Food in NY?

by Toru_Okada 21 years ago

Hi, I love food like the rest of you guys but do not have too much money. Am visiting NY next month for a week. Wonder if anybody can give me a list (preferably with the street number) of f...

Some Colombian Restaurants in Jackson Heights

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Some of the places I've been going to in the past couple of weeks: Natives, Listo's, and Esmeralda de Colombia. Natives (Northern Blvd between 82nd and 83rd) is a fun, lively place to go on we...

Before Theater Lunch

by gail 21 years ago

I'll be in New York the end of May with my sisters and my mother. We do this every year and are looking for a special place for lunch. Suggestions?

San Diego Chowhounding

by Jim Zurer 21 years ago

Now I am off to San Diego and am looking for recommendations on places that I shouldn't miss. As always, moderately priced and casual places that have creative cooking and/or local specialties ...

Barcelona and Seville

by Kathryn Callaghan 21 years ago

I'm going to Spain in June, and I'd really love some suggestions for Barcelona proper (I did see the recommendation for Badalona below). In addition to restaurants, does anybody know o...


by Tom Armitage 21 years ago

I'm going to Carmel in a couple of weeks, and sure would like some new ideas about where to eat in the general Carmel/Carmel Valley/Monterey area. I've been to Rio Grill, Casanova, and Sans Sou...


by Sarah 21 years ago

We will be visiting the Yucatan sometime in June, staying in Puerto Morelos south of Cancun. We expect to be very happy sampling local small restaurants serving pescado al mojo de ajo, fresh to...

Massa's Harborside

by Allen Goldschein 21 years ago

While bicycling around the industrial wastelands of the brooklyn waterfront recently, I stumbled upon a restaurant called Massa's Harborside. It is the middle of a small industrial park, bordere...

Kebab House - Little Neck

by John K 21 years ago

Just to report - Mrs. K and me had a dynamite meal/time last Sat. nite at KH. Calf brain salad, fried calf liver, my fav-stuffed mussels-these puppies were BIG and tasty- served chilled with a r...

Beyond Cantonese

by S. Goldberg 21 years ago

I was wondering... hoping...praying that someone knows of a great Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn that does not serve Cantonese style food. Don't get me wrong, I love Cantonese food but I'd like ...

caterer needed

by stephen kaye 21 years ago

trying to help out a friend in brooklyn heights, she's looking for a good caterer for a party 10-12 people. any touts?? thx in advance


by wonki 21 years ago

went to katsuhama last friday because i read about it a while ago in the ny times as a place to get great authentic tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet). everything said in the article was absolut...

Indian In Brooklyn?

by Denise Scandiffio 21 years ago

Taking a friend out to eat for her birthday. She would like to have Indian food. I usually go to Manhattan, but would rather stick closer to home. Is there any place that has good Indian food in...

sicilian chocolate

by Giambattista Scivoletto 21 years ago

Hi ... I'm from Modica, a pretty baroque town in south eastern Sicily. In last months here in Italy many of the best food-TV-transmissions talked about the sicilian chocolate, particularly th...

Far West Village/Meat Packing District

by Jocelyn 21 years ago

Hi everyone: I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive restaurant to take some friends this weekend. I'd like to stay away from scenes like Markt, Le Zoo, Waterloo, etc. Florent is prefered afte...

5 Stars Punjabi

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

We had a very nice dinner here last night. The standouts were the veg. pakoras (greaseless, well seasoned, maybe the best i have ever had), butter chicken (rich, spicy and complex in a day-glo ...


by Steve 21 years ago

Is there a Maifest at Killmeyer's Inn?

Chowhounding in Englewood

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

I was in Englewood this morning. Very nice pancakes at the Jackson Hole on Grand Ave. near Van Nostrand. Also there is a cool Italian grocery store on Van Nostrand called Jerry's, that sells exc...

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