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Pizza near Secaucus

by Grace 21 years ago

Any good pizza places in the Secaucus area. I have tried most of the places in Secaucus itself and don't care for them. Looking for a good traditional pizza. Hoping there may be something within a ...

"Natural Turkey"

by Mr. W. 21 years ago

Our grand national holiday quickly approaching, I am interested in the difference between the 'process raised turkey and the all natural turkey'. Any help from this forum is appreciated. I had a 'f...

scandinavian on les

by mariabennett 21 years ago

have any of the faithful heard of a scandinavian restaurant on the lower east side,or is this merely a rumor? many thanks!

Po or Babbo?

by anne 21 years ago

Hi, I want to take my husband to Po or Babbo for his birthday. Has anyone been? What's the difference between them? Thanks!

An all-new (to me) cuisine

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

In my year and a half of living in Jackson Heights, I've eaten a lot of Colombian and Ecuadorian food; also Bolivian once or twice, and plenty of Mexican. Tonight I ate, for the first time, Salvad...

Good Food & Good Beer

by Karen 21 years ago

I just relocated from Austin,Texas and am looking for a laid-back place with good food and good beer (no frat crowds or Euro-trend please!) I would truly appreciate any suggestions! Thanks so much.

Boston Dilemma

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

Some friends and I are going to be staying at the Marriott Copley for a convention that will impose some weird conditions on us: 1. Perhaps most limiting, we need to eat dinner between 5:00 p....


by Liza 21 years ago

Hey all- We're being taken to dinner at Limoncello next week. And for once, money is not a problem. Anything we must have or must not have? Thanks! Liza

Los Olivos, Santa Ynez restaurants

by Bob 21 years ago

Is anybody interested in an update of restaurants in this area? Things are changing rapidly for the better. I just returned from a week-end there and tried 3 new restaurants. All 3 were at least...


by Alon 21 years ago

Has any chowhound been to and eaten in any of these portugese towns. Looking for leads on the best of portugal

tomasso's north beach

by adamstoler 21 years ago

what's the deal here? it seems as if it's it's yuppie puppy heaven.. the main course was poor, it tasted like my jewish grandmother made it with ketchup....hats off to the salsds though..but salad...


by fred t. 21 years ago

while taking an early morning walk, my sweetest and most lovely fiance (she likes to read "chowhound") and i bought a sourdough from orwasher's. simply put...excellent, excellent bread. we stopped...

Shrimp n grits

by Mr. W. 21 years ago

Having lived in Charleston, Owner of Olde Charleston Pasta in the 80's, I am missing the flavor of real grits, (now I live near NYC...)and I miss the real thing. Shrimp n grits is what I crave, any...

This evening at Christos-Hasapa Taverna

by Steve 21 years ago

I went this evening with my wife and my parents visiting from Florida to Christos-Hasapa Taverna in Astoria per reccomendations I saw on this board. Had originally wanted hip italian (see thread on...

microbrewed beers

by Mr. W. 21 years ago

I enjoy micro=brewed beers, other than DBA, I am not sure where to find a nice selection of micros in New York City . Any suggestions appreciated.

M. Placa

by Eric R. 21 years ago

Jim.. Regarding the rugelach at M. Placa, sensational (especially the cinnamon). But when I worked in the neighborhood, the real treat was to sneak over to the bakery at opening time (8:00) and s...

Spam Alert

by Trisha 21 years ago

folks...someone (using various names) has been spamming this board with phony praise for some joint called RosaLuca's in Clinton, NJ. we're trying to delete them as quickly as he/she leaves them,...

spam alert

by Trisha 21 years ago

folks...someone (using various names) is spamming this board with vitriolic messages about Manganero's this morning. we're trying to delete them as quickly as he/she leaves them, but if we get be...


by barbara 21 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion for lunch on Sunday near Rockefeller Center, where I can take my 6 year old Grandson. Price is no object.


by anne 21 years ago

Greetings, Please excuse my ignorance, but where is Greenpoint?

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