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Taco Del Mar, Baja Fresh vs local taquerias

Alice Patis
by Alice Patis 13 years ago

About a year ago some one queried about Taco Del Mar and got a few replies: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/300816 I never saw that post so I wasn't aware TDM was a nationwide chain when I...

Buca di Beppo for Lunch, What to Order? [moved from L.A. board]

by bernardo 13 years ago

Lucky me may get dragged to lunch at BdB in HB. Any suggestions what's best to order or just shoot in the dark? [The Chowhound Team moved this discussion about Buca di Beppo from the Los Angeles ...

Surviving Buca Di B, Any Suggestions? [Moved from L.A. board]

by bernardo 13 years ago

Oh goody, looks like lucky me might get dragged imminently into a lunch at Buca di Beppo (Berpo?). Any suggestions what best to order to minimize damage and optimize chances for survival?

Fast Food Out of Necessity: Quiznos [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

by Bashful3 13 years ago

Needed to grab a quick lunch before the theater today, Lion King at the Academy of Music. Went downstairs at The Bellevue, and finally settled on a steak sandwich "wit" at Quiznos, for $6.19, plu...

Ralph and Kacoos?

by River Rat 13 years ago

I don't know how many of these there are, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts if you've ever been to one.

are tommy's hamburgers slipping?

by rameniac 13 years ago

went to an original tommy's hamburger stand late last night (the one on hollywood blvd in L.A.)and... the chili and consequently the cheeseburger seemed kind of bland. just my imagination? or have ...

Boston area - Papa Gino's

by applehome 13 years ago

I don't know how far out this chain goes - it's certainly all over the place in the Boston area. On an afternoon where the bathroom sink drain had to be replaced... and I had to make my mandatory ...

A question for you Colonel lovah's

by bigmackdaddy 13 years ago

A few years ago when I was driving up the I-5N from San Fransisco to Orland. CA I noticed a few signs advertising KFC "Buffet" restaurants. I recall seeing a few of those in a few other states but...

Legal's Summer Lobster Specials

by emilief 13 years ago

Went to Legal last night for a bite at the bar (Framingham).They have a special menu of lobster dishes/ All looked delicious. A few appetizers and main courses. I had the lobster fritters- YUM. The...

Lunch at Chili's -- what do you recommend?

by JBinOC 13 years ago

It pains me to realize that this is going to be the first post using my brand new username, but what the hey. One day this week, I will be lunching at a Chili's restaurant. I have never been ...

I was a Beard Papa's virgin yesterday...

by banquisha 13 years ago

Went right before dinner to the new Sawtelle location. Made the mistake of only ordering one each for my husband and I. They only had the vanilla custard but, that's all I needed to get totally hoo...

Healthy Chains?

by MEalcentric 13 years ago

So you're trying to eat healthy but you're on the run and no time to make yourself a healthy meal. Where do you go and what do you order? I like Baja Fresh's chicken salads and it seems like el...

Fun with Freebies [moved topic from Boston board]

by chompie 13 years ago

Warning.. all chain-haters will probably want to stop reading now... We have been having fun with free meals and desserts for the past week or two. Hubby is calling it Food Camp.. and we started i...

Melting Pot Restaurant

by KitchenAid 13 years ago

This post will probably be moved as it is a chain, but I've been to the one in Minneapolis. The servers spend a great deal of time explaining fondue, a bit too much. The food is very good, many...

Best Fondue in America?

by Franca_A 13 years ago

There's a fondue chain, called something like 'The Melting Pot'. Are they any good? Is there better fondue at individual restaurants across America, or is this a chain because it's the best? _...

Fries @ The Hat & Other Chains

by OCAnn 13 years ago

This is a continuation of another thread from the LA Board (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/307655 ). I haven't been to The Hat in a while, but I don't remember their fries to be THAT good. ...

Buca di Beppo

Covert Ops
by Covert Ops 13 years ago

I LOVE their chicken saltimbocca! We have one near us (Daytona Beach) and I think it's a fantastic value, considering the quality and quantity of the food (which normally is even better the second...

Best chain overall?

by DeisCane 13 years ago

I've always been pleased with Houston's. In the higher end, I think The Chart House is very consistently good and most locations have great views. Since I have little to eat--fish-eating vegetari...

Recommendatiion/warning about "Joe's Crab Shack" chain in Chi suburbs? [Moved from Chicago]

by MikeLM 13 years ago

Got an ad with minor coupons from Joe's Crab Shack. The pictures look yummy - naturally - and I wonder if I should take a chance. Any experience with this outfit? Thanks. Mike

What Chains are along I-92 in Orlando?

by Kari 13 years ago

My daughter will be in that area for 4 months and her and her friends like to go to chains. What chains are along that freeway. I am looking for the chains around Disney Wolrd. I understand ther...

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