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Share your thoughts on national and regional chains like Starbucks, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Five Guys, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut—you get the idea.

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Taco Bell Pre-90s Was Good - Do You Notice the Difference Now?

by HoundDogz 6 years ago

This can go in any board here for the various regions of the US but I' from the LA area so it will go here. People...

ArtKnight commented 6 hours ago

Arooga's sports bar opening two NJ locations

by ebchower 9 days ago

I'm not familiar with this chain, but it seems they already have a strong foothold in PA. Locations are coming to No...


jracpa commented 1 day ago

Outback vs. Texas Roadhouse

by linguafood 9 years ago

Yay. My first post on the Chains board...(perhaps because Outback is the only chain I go to occasionally). I have a...


LisaSD commented 2 days ago

Do any major chains actually *cook* (not just microwave)?

by donw9876 7 years ago

This week my wife and I went to a local TGIFriday's in Ohio. One of the items we ordered, the Balsamic-Sicilian-bla b...


AnnaLokotey commented 2 days ago

You Can Now Get Married at Taco Bell for $600

by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Starting this summer, a new option for tying the knot in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Cantina on the strip.


catseefood commented 5 days ago

Little Cesar Owner Mike Ilitch Passes Away.

by syrup09 12 days ago

Little Cesar owner Mike Ilitch has passed away at age 87. I know many people on this board are not crazy about Littl...

rainsux commented 6 days ago

Jack-in-the-Box: Sauce

by Ken 13 years ago

When I was a child, one of my favorite hamburger places was Jack-in-the-Box. They had a special sauce that I cannot d...


myk7753 commented 7 days ago

Chain Restaurants Be the first to comment

McDonald's test marketing snow crab sando

by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

The Merc reviews the $8.99 snow crab sandwich that McD's is currently testing at four South Bay locations in San Jose...

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 5 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in ...


steezgodalex commented 18 days ago


by Big N Fat 8 years ago

Does anyone else remember an Alphy's Restaurant chain? As I remember, it was near the 60 and 605 frwys. near Whittie...


Bob Livingston commented 22 days ago

Shakey's Changed The Recipe For Mojos And They Are Horrible Now - Your Thoughts

by HoundDogz 4 years ago

Not sure when because I don't go to Shakey's much but about three years ago was the last time I went to the buffet an...


acb39470 commented 1 month ago

Cracker Barrel in Freehold

by wench31 1 month ago Wonder how...


ebchower commented 1 month ago

Anyone Remember Red Barn (fast food chain)?

by Atomic76 3 years ago

They originated in Ohio, and you can read more about them here:


JRC14 commented 2 months ago

Sonic Drive-In Is it worth seeking out?

by hhc 11 years ago

I see ads on TV for Sonic Drive-In, but the closest to my house is 37 miles away. Is it worth the drive and what do...


mandogy commented 2 months ago

Hardee's opinions wanted.

by jrvedivici 4 years ago

Ok my “southern” Chowhounders I need some help or advise from you. It has been brought to my attention the chain Hard...


fdlitch1 commented 2 months ago

Slice House | Haight-Ashbury - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Tony Gemignani's newest Slice House opened in the Upper Haight two weeks ago. We tried it for lunch on Monday. I'd st...

ChowFun_derek commented 2 months ago

Copycat Carraba's Pomodoro recipe?

by NonnieMuss 2 years ago

I'm trying to replicate the Carrabba's pomodoro sauce at home and having no luck at all. They have a recipe posted o...

NonnieMuss commented 2 months ago

Ralph's Famous Italian Ices coming to Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

The chain's website says they have been around for 85 years. Now Ralph's is working on their first store in Westchest...

MisterBill2 commented 2 months ago

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