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Drive Thru Lines

by syrup09 2 months ago

Has anyone noticed how long the line for fast food drive thrus are? I know there is little indoor dining due to the pandemic, but it seems everywhere I go cars are wrapped around McDonalds,...

Krispy Krunchy Chicken @ A J's Mini Mart | Geyserville - Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

The Krispy Krunchy Chicken franchised outlets in convenience stores and service stations entered San Francisco and the Bay Area a few years ago. Yet, I didn't make the time to try one till shelter-...

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Popeye's chicken yorktown/Trader Joe's rumour

by vinouspleasure 2 months ago

I've been critical of others for posting openings of mediocre chain restaurants in this forum but I'm inordinately excited about the opening of popeye's fried chicken in the BJs Yorktown shopping ...

Is your favorite McDonald's Ice Cream Machine broken?

by gutreactions 3 months ago

A frustrated McDonald's fan has launched a website that will tell you which McDonald's Ice Cream machines are working in your area. Many seem to break down. It is a new launch, of course, but a nov...

Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza - awful crust ruins everything

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 5 months ago

The crust is embarrassingly sub-standard - game over. It's round white bread, equally flavorless, puffy insipid foamy Crustable-like texture in some places yet wet, doughy and undercooked in others...

In Praise of Bertucci's

by zackly 3 months ago

I like Bertucci's. Even living in an area (suburban NYC) with a lot of good white tablecloth Italian restaurants Bertucci's does a good job. The food is good especially if you order selectively. Th...


by Big N Fat 12 years ago

Does anyone else remember an Alphy's Restaurant chain? As I remember, it was near the 60 and 605 frwys. near Whittier, CA. Basically it was a family style restaurant similar to a Denny's. I am n...

Best chicken sandwich

by elvisahmed 4 months ago

So I got to try the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich yesterday. I tend to eat fried chicken every 6 months or so but this might change that frequency. Anyways being in close proximity to chik fil-a I...

Fast Food from the Past Dude

by Torpedo 4 months ago

When I was a kid the words fast and food never were used together in a sentence. Some form of the phrase usually came from your Mom warning you to “Slow down, you’re eating too fast, chew your food...

Taco Bell Pre-90s Was Good - Do You Notice the Difference Now?

by HoundDogz 10 years ago

This can go in any board here for the various regions of the US but I' from the LA area so it will go here. People often put down Taco Bell talking about how bad it taste and everything. I don'...

which spices in Dunkin Donuts hash browns?

by korgy 12 years ago

has anyone been able to identify which spices Dunkin Donuts uses in its hash browns? i read the nutritional info on its website, which shows dried garlic,dried onion, and "spices"- but i'm not s...

Sonic Drive-In Is it worth seeking out?

by hhc 14 years ago

I see ads on TV for Sonic Drive-In, but the closest to my house is 37 miles away. Is it worth the drive and what do you recommend? website linked below Link: http://www.sonicdrivein.com/index.jsp

Does anyone remember Taco Viva from the '80s and '90s?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 8 years ago

I grew up in Miami in the '80s, and back then there was a fast food chain called Taco Viva, but it wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as Taco Bell is today. (Neither was Taco Bell, on that note.) It was...

Il Fornaio discount code for to go orders

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

At selected locations in California: "Now through 8/9/20, enjoy $10 off all To Go orders over $40 (Pick-Up or Delivery).⁣ ⁣ Use code 247-821-166 at checkout to receive the $10 credit. For deta...

Pit-smoked brisket at Subway?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Stopped at the light in downtown Monterey today, I noticed a sign on the Subway at the intersection promoting "naturally pit-smoked brisket". This page on its website says it was tested on 100 Aust...

Make your own Krispy Kreme face shield

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

"Andy Clockwise shows you how you can make your very own Krispy Kreme face shield using just the lid from a 12 box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, some sticky tape and a pair of scissors."

Taco Bell Menu Revamp

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

" . . . Our teams have shifted from in-person focus groups to contactless drive-thru tastings. We’ve learned to adapt to ensure Taco Bell’s long history of innovation never stops. And while chan...

Carvel Ice Cream brings back memories...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I had my first taste of Carvel soft serve ice cream in years the other night. After a good tavern meal at Prime 16 in Pelham, my companion said: 'Let's get some Carvel!' Well, we have a few in New ...

Celia's Mexican restaurant coleslaw?

by walkie74 7 months ago

Has anybody found a decent version of this? I know there's oregano and (obviously) shredded cabbage involved. There are also pickled peppers and carrots, right?

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 9 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in a small box. I'm trying to recollect the flavor of those cookies, and the best I...