Xanté French Soda

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Ingredients (4)

  • 1 oz Xanté
  • 1 oz pear juice
  • Dry sparkling wine
  • "Frozen Rose"

Created with the finest all-natural ingredients from across the European continent, Xanté is the intimate result of a ménage à trois between the perfect penetration of pear, the finest French cognacs and the affection of French Limousine Oak with a touch of vanilla. The premium spirit offers an experience for all five senses and has gained praise for its unique and versatile appeal.


  1. 1Xanté Frozen Roses works as a decoration for almost any Xanté drink. Simply freeze clean rose heads or petals in ice cube tray, when added to your favorite drink the ice will melt and the flower will “bloom.”
  1. 1Fill glass with “Frozen Roses”, add Xanté and top with sparkling wine. Serve with sipper straw.
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