The Easiest Frozen Yogurt with a Blackberry Swirl

Ingredients (5)

  • 2 cups fresh blackberries (about 12 ounces), rinsed, plus more for serving
  • 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and scraped, seeds and pod reserved
  • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 cups plain whole-milk yogurt
  • 1 cup plain whole-milk Greek yogurt
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Nutritional Information
  • Calories255
  • Fat5.2g
  • Saturated fat3.3g
  • Trans fat
  • Carbs47.15g
  • Fiber
  • Sugar47.08g
  • Protein6.34g
  • Cholesterol17.0mg
  • Sodium60.46mg
  • Nutritional Analysis per serving (6 servings) Powered by

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The Easiest Frozen Yogurt with a Blackberry Swirl

In this homemade version of fro-yo, thick Greek yogurt provides the same tangy goodness and soft-serve texture as the neighborhood frozen yogurt joint’s wares, but without the waiting in line. A swirl of blackberries adds fruity sweetness, no fancy toppings necessary. For an extra crunch, add Granola.

What to buy: We used fresh blackberries in this recipe, but feel free to substitute any fresh, seasonal berries.

Game plan: Be sure to get the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer and fully frozen before starting this recipe.


  1. 1Place the blackberries, vanilla pod, and 1/2 cup of the sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves and the berries start to exude their juices, about 7 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat, then crush the berries gently with a potato masher, keeping some of them intact. Transfer the mixture to a medium heatproof bowl, cover, and place in the refrigerator until completely chilled, about 2 hours.
  2. 2Meanwhile, whisk the reserved vanilla seeds, remaining 3/4 cup sugar, and both yogurts together in a medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate until the berry mixture is ready.
  3. 3Remove and discard the vanilla pod from the berry mixture. Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer set over a medium bowl. Reserve the juices for another use (or for drizzling on the frozen yogurt when serving). Set the strained berries aside.
  4. 4Freeze the yogurt mixture in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. 5While the yogurt is still in the frozen base of the ice cream maker, fold in the strained berries with a rubber spatula, being careful not to overmix. Serve immediately for a soft yogurt, or transfer to an airtight container and freeze until solid. (Allow the frozen yogurt to sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving if frozen solid.)
  6. 6Spoon into a small dish and top with fresh blackberries and the reserved blackberry juices, if desired.
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