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Steamed Blue Crabs

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Steamed Blue Crabs
6 people
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Ingredients (5)

  • 1 bushel of fresh large blue crabs( Jumbos would be better, but today the cost is outrageous) )
  • one large steamer pot, with top
  • two tablespoons of crab seasoning( Old Bay Seasoning, or equivalent)
  • two tablespoons of coarse salt, mixed with the crab seasoning.
  • one bottle of Blue Moon beer, plus 1/2 cup water

This is a great way to entertain close friends in a casual atmosphere. The crabs, along with fresh corn, and a great lettuce, tomato, and onion salad, goes great with cold beer on a summer afternoon. This recipe has been around in our family for two generations of steamed crab pickers, and i graciiously share it with other ambitious seafood lovers.


  1. 1add the water and 12 oz. bottle of beer to the steamer pot, add a strainer plat to the bottom of the pot, add a layer of live crabs to the pot sprinkle seasoning to the tops of the crabs; repeat layer by layer until the bushel of crabs is in the pot, make sure to round up any crabs that escape, and return them to the pot. Cover the pot with the lid. heat the [pot on the top of the stove at a high setting for the largest burner on the stove top. turn of the exhaust fan if cooking indoors, and allow the crabs to steam for twenty minutes. remove the top with tongs and check that the crabs are a bright orange in color. the corn, and salad should have been boiled or roasted while the crabs are steaming, and the salad preped as well
  2. 2After steaming make sure the dining area is set up with a thick layer of newspaper, wooden mallets for shell cracking, rolls of paper towels and sharp knives, to get out crab meat from small crevices.
  3. 3have an ample supply of cold beer to keep six people refreshed for about two hours during the picking.
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