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ramen econo sandwicho

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ramen econo sandwicho
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Ingredients (3)

  • one pack of "Top Ramen" brand ramen noodles (15 cents)
  • half a quart quart vegatable oil (most any oils can be used.)
  • hot, mild, sweet, tangy, sauce for garnishing
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The “Ramen Econo” came from my own kitchen when I was dirt poor and made due with whatever ingredients I had on hand. I made it for a couple of friends when I was in this predicament and everyone, including myself , absolutly loved it. I don’t like to think of it as a “delicasse’”, but more of an experiment. Try it, it takes ten minutes. This is truly something that you will NEVER see again.


  1. 1Open Ramen package and prepare as package suggests, BUT ( boil in saucepan until noodles become “Al-Dente”(spelled right?) DO NOT STIR! Meanwhile, have small skillet with half of a quart of oil hot and ready.
  2. 2When noodles are al-dente, add packet that comes with noodles, DO NOT STIR NOODLES, simply make sure seasoning is mixed with water. Drain all water.
  3. 3place gently in heated oil . The best way is to keep it in a small round shape( not much bigger than a peice of bread. Takes only a minute on both sides(flipped) to fry. “Ramen Econo” is ready when noodles are fried and can be flipped like a burger while the center is still soft. WARNING.. ONLY TAKES A MINUTE, DO NOT FRY LONGER!
  4. 4The sandwich can be garnished with whatever seasoning you like, I love adding some “Topatio” hot sauce and putting 2 fat slices of tomato on it with toasted white bread. Sounds weird, but it is the best!
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