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EJ's Mango Chili King Salmon

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EJ's Mango Chili King Salmon
1 filet per person Easy
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Ingredients (4)

  • Wild, Line-Caught, Pacific King Salmon filets
  • Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - (get it from the Asian Grocer in the big cheap bottle)
  • Perfectly Ripe Low Fiber Mangoes ex: Tommy Atkins
  • Chopped green Jalapeno or Serrano chilies (optional)
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Simple and fast, this is my favorite grilled fish recipe. Wild Pacific King Salmon, for good and terrible reasons, is and should be hard to find. Buying these line-caught beauties from small boats in small harbors is the way to go – and a reason to celebrate with close friends. Grilling large filets can be a trick to get on and off whole, but don’t use steaks. Enjoy.

Note: Atlantic or farm raised is absolutely no substitute for Pacific salmon.


  1. 1Prep and light your grill, make sure to use clean burning fuel
  2. 2Dust your salmon filets with your favorite spice blend, or not.
    You can salt the fish now – or wait it’s on the grill – or avoid it all together of course, if you’re cutting back.
  3. 3Prep your mangoes: Doing this before you grill will make sure you pay attention to your fish. I like long thin slices – but if you’re used to doing cubes, do cubes.
  4. 4I like salmon skin, so I keep the skin on, work quickly and only touch the fish when I turn it (once) much to make sure it stays intact and on the fish. You can use a grilling basket as well. Grill skin-side first. 1 inch filets will cook in about 8-10 minutes to a medium rare. Don’t overcook it.
  5. 5When your fish is all but done, brush the Thai chili sauce liberally on the flesh side.
    Remember, this condiment is all sugar and will burn easily.
  6. 6Remove the fish to a serving platter, add mangoes and chilies.
    Goes great with an avocado salad, cold crisp white wine or your favorite beer.
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