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Decadent Cashew Chicken & Caramelized Onion

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Decadent Cashew Chicken & Caramelized Onion
Serving Size 3-4 People Medium
Total: Active:
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Ingredients (6)

  • 1 Large white/yellow onion
  • 1 Cup halved cashews
  • 2 tsp. Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 lbs. Boneless skinless chicken thighs (washed & dried)
  • 4 Cups long grain white rice
  • 6 tbs. Olive oil
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Caramelized onions are heavenly and add depth to any dish they are included in. The best part about this recipe is that it’s all cooked together in one pot and once the initial prep is taken care of you are free to relax while the chicken is cooked in the steamy rice.
You’ll notice that I tend to often use Turmeric powder when cooking meats. Turmeric is bitter to taste but magically releases a mild gingery, warm flavor and buttery yellow color when added in cooking. It’s available at most Thai, Indian or Middle Eastern markets in abundance. Originating in India since 6000 BC, Turmeric has numerous medicinal properties. Most notable is its effect as an anti-inflammatory agent and remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome as well as other digestive disorders.
Try some yogurt on the side or a fresh green salad, either way on a cold winter afternoon nothing will fill the home with a more mouthwatering aroma than this dish.


  1. 1Peel and chop your onion to small pieces, it is not important for them to be too fine since caramelizing will shrink their size. Place a deep pot on the stovetop set to medium high. After a minute add 3 tbs. of olive oil and the chopped onions. Stir for 2 minutes or so and then turn the heat to medium low in order to sweat the onions and start caramelizing them. After about 6 minutes when the color turns golden brown add the cashews so they are warmed through and slightly toasted for about a minute- be sure to check on them though because if the heat is too high you might end up with burned crispy bits!
  2. 2Now that the onions and cashews are ready, take them out and set aside in a little bowl. Leaving the pot on the stove turn up the heat to medium high again and this time add your chicken. As the outside of the flesh sears, add the turmeric powder as well as salt/pepper, stir one more time and then close the lid.
  3. 3Meanwhile, rinse the rice with cold water a few times to get as much of the starch out as possible(Don’t worry about this step too much). Now take the chicken out of the pot and set aside. Pour the remainder of the oilve oil in the bottom of the pot (still on medium high heat) and add your rice as well as 6 cups of water and a dash of salt, close the lid. After 10 minutes the rice will have absorbed the water and cooked halfway through. Its all downhill from here!
  4. 4Turn the heat to medium low. Add the onion and cashew to the rice by fluffing with a fork to mix everything evenly (other wise your rice will get mushy and sticky if you attack it like pancake batter). Arrange the chicken around the outer edges of the rice against the pot, the caramelized onions, turmeric and cashews will flavor the rice and chicken while everything cooks together. Place a paper towel on the bottom of the lid with the edges sticking out to catch all the steam and keep the rice fluffy.
  5. 5After about 35-40 minutes your one pot dish will be ready to enjoy!
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