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Braised Beef cheeks

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Braised Beef cheeks
about 5 serves Medium
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Ingredients (1)

  • Speaking of the braised beef cheeks throw this lot into a slow cooker and get ready for one of the best meals you can make and it only takes like 6 hrs!!! (possibly 24 really) 2-3kg trimmed beef cheeks 2 tablespoons coco powder 3 pints of Indian pale ale (beer) probably make that 6 of the little creatures and whack 3 in the fridge to consume when cooking 1 litre beef stock (home made or say continental is fine) 2 carrots peeled and fine diced 2 large celery sticks fine diced 2 brown onions fine diced 1 head garlic peeled only Toss all this in the slow cooker and ensure the beef cheeks are covered with liquid, if they are not then put more beer in until they are. Turn the slow cooker onto LOW mix it up a little whack the lid on and walk away, have a little creatures Indian Pale Ale watch the Rugby Union or some sport lite the Charcoal fired BBQ and cook some large rib eye on the bone whilst having another couple of Indian Pale Ales and maybe a fairly large ballsy Cab Sav and then come back in 5 hrs. The beef cheeks should be soft but still whole and able for you to pick them up, if this is the case then turn off the cooker and remove with a slotted spoon and place in a dish to allow to cool, strain the cooking liquid over them and cool in the liquor. At this point toss all the veg and other bits in the bin. I would usually allow these to cool to room temp and then place covered in the fridge over night and the result is a firm jelly set with the beef in it and the fat will have come to the top and you can remove and toss out. Seeing that you didn't eat these last night I imagine that the other Indian Pale Ales would have gone well with the Charcoal BBQ'd rib eye on the bone you would have had???? Now remove the cheeks from the jelly and place on a plate wrap with cling film and place back in the fridge. Pop the Jelly into a saucepan and add a bottle of Cab Sav ensure its a quality wine like any of the Redbank ones (I like them) and reduce skimming the whole time to remove the rubbish. Once this is reduced by about 1/2 pass thru a fine strainer and allow to cool. Once cool add the beef cheeks and place back in the fridge (if using later) or if you intend to use now I would suggest peel some good mashing potato's and about 1 head of garlic per 2 people and boil them and begin the mash process. If using the beef now (open and decant a bottle of good red possibly a 1999 Sallys Paddock) then return to the straining phase and strain the liquid into a clean pot add the cheeks and simmer for about 15 minutes to heat the cheeks (at this time mash your spuds) add a little brown sugar to sweeten the jus and season, once the potato and garlic mash is ready plate in the middle of your serving plates and place one or two cheeks on each mash with the sauce napped over them I have then used blanched fresh asparagus and finely curled pecorino cheese to garnish and the whole thing is great. I know it takes a long time to make it but really it cooks all day Sat you get a good BBQ Sat night as a reason to drink the Little creatures Indian Pale Ale, the come Sunday you finish it off and there you have a great Sunday lunch boozy and fun with great food and your fav Red what more is there a weekend needs?
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Now this dish takes a while to cook so i have set it out over 2 days but as stated you are able to do it n about 6-8 from start to dine, I have added some extra ideas as i do this on a Sat for Sunday Lunch with a charcoal grilled rib eye on the bone BBQ Dinner in between!!!

I love slow coooking and make all kinds of things in the cooker this is a no hard fast rules ecipe how ever the sauce steps shoould be follwed for a gourmet style meal


  1. 1Take your time its better slower
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