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Ingredients (3)

  • The "Parrilla" consists of chunks of meat (churrasco, grilled strip, etc..), liver, kidney, sausage, sweetbreads (glands of the cow), Chinchulines (pieces of bowel), black pudding (blood sausage clotted), etc.
  • Salt and adobo
  • firewood

Uruguayan ASADO.
Meat cooked with firewood in a BBQ.


  1. 1You must to prepare a good campfire with firewood.
    Place the grill next to the fire, but never above the flames.
    Once you have hot coals, be placed under the grill evenly.
  2. 2Place the meat on the grill with salt.
    Allow the coals to do their job. To do this, make sure that the embers of charcoal are kept hot and emits its heat in a uniform manner. When the meat starts to be cooked, twist it to finish the process in the other side.
  3. 3Accompany with fresh salad.
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