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Zucco - Le French Diner: No More BYOB / review


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Zucco - Le French Diner: No More BYOB / review

araess | Mar 11, 2006 11:37 PM

I went in today and they had a sign posted on the door. NO MORE BYOB. I already had a bottle in my bag and asked the waiter if it'd be alright- he said no way because the owner was coming in shortly. After a while, the owner still hadn't come, so our waiter stopped back over and popped our cork. After all that, the owner finally arrived and came by our table to remind us that it wasn't BYOB anymore. But was kind enough to let us continue drinking.

So was I the last person to crack a bottle of wine in there that I brought on my own?

Maybe. I'll call it for now.

The little wine glasses cracked me up btw.

They had bottles/glasses listed on the mirror on the wall- but I wasn't able to read them because of the reflection- so can't comment on the selection.

It was my first time there. The place was great, and as the previous poster noted, the music was just a little too loud. But the music was good and that's how I would have played it.

We started out with the foi gras app. It came with toasts, quince, mecaline. spot on- but I heard about the baguette- that it was crusty and nice- I ordered it - definitely was- it came with jam and a cafe au lait- the packadge deal on the anytime brunch menu. I was suprised I didn't see more people coming in and leaving with just coffee. The owner made it. He knew what he was doing for sure- I was a barista for a while and didn't ever get it down like this guy... steaming the milk just kissing the line between the liquid and foam layer- lactos proteins and other chemistry caressed and manipulated so nicely the coffee tasted sweet without sugar- perfect froth master.

Funny little side- A lady came in and ordered mules frites. I noticed the fries coming up from the basement were fresh cut looking- fried them up fresh - looked good. She asked for katsup. They said no they don't keep it in the house -- it's meant to be served with mayo which it was. Zucco just got a free man. Awesome.

I noticed that it's not on menupages. Lots of ashton kutchers and fashionistas lurking around looking curious. This is a tiny joint. Go soon if you'd rather not wait. I can feel people buzzing.

I have a theory that latinos are the most diverse cooks in the world, or at least in the boroughs . You see them in japanese places turning out sushi, you see them in piccolo angelo nurturing osso bucco and now with the lovely french. Props to you guys. I assume that they they found some way not to pay you what they'd pay other folks. I know it must be illegal somehow, right guys? If I'm right, thanks so much for your sacrifice- I appreciate it- but I really hope that one day you'll get equal wages.

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