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zucchini as replacement for noodles/spaghetti


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zucchini as replacement for noodles/spaghetti

EMDB | Jan 19, 2004 05:47 PM

Having embarked on a low-carb eating plan for the rest of my life, I've been reexploring the world of vegetable side dishes in an even more thorough way than back when I was a Dean Ornish low fat vegetarian.

In one of the low carb cookbooks I've been reading, I think it was Fran McCullough, she recommended using barely-sauteed julienned zucchini as a substitute for spaghetti. I made a thin julienne on my mandoline, tossed it in the saute pan with a tbsp. of evoo and some pepper, and tossed until just beginning to go limp-- then served it with italian sausages and homemade sauce. It's been a weekly staple ever since.

I have since tried it cut in a wider julienne, and tossed with alfredo sauce and/or romesco or pesto and chicken-- yummy. It also works tossing it in peanut oil and then saucing it for sesame peanut noodles and (de-sugared) pad thai-- although in both cases you want to add it at the very end of the cooking, and use a slightly looser sauce, so the "noodles" don't break under the weight of the sauce, or get limp from too much cooking. In each case it's been delicious, different from noodles in an entirely new way, and altogether a delight. My DH, pasta hound that he was, even declared that he now thought it was better than pasta or noodles. And I served this version of pad thai to some thai purists, and even they loved it.

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