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Zhongzi/Joongs From Grand Street Lady w/ Pictures. Not Mei Mei, But Still Good

fourunder | Sep 30, 200908:04 AM     64

First let me say I had heard about this small business lady from reading about her either on this site or somewhere else on the internet. I am always willing to try something ethnic or different, no matter where I travel and I always get a kick out of purchasing something like these Chinese Tamales from someone like this very charming lady trying to make a decent living for herself, and presumably her family too....especially on the crowded streets of Manhattan and or Chinatown....although I believe the corner of Grand and Mott is technically Little Italy.......at least for now.

This purchase came from a result of being inspired from this recent thread:


Overall, I was happy with my purchase and would definitely seek her out again. I found them to be very good and better than some I have purchased in Chinese Markets in Chinatown or out.....as a note, these were definitely larger and cheaper than the ones I have purchased in any commercial Asian markets. These Joongs had the following ingredients in them, although the consistency of amount if each individual ingredient varied in each individual Joong/Zhong zi greatly. Not so much of a problem for me.

Glutinous Rice
Salted Duck Egg Yolk
Mung Beans
Salt Pork or Chinese Sausage.

The first couple of Joongs I simmered for 45 minutes....good, but a little hard and not very hot inside. The second time I increased the cooking time to an hour....a little better......but @ 75 minutes, they were perfectly cooked and very hot inside, as evident by the pork fat melting in the salt pork and/or Chinese Sausage.

Not the best like the ones from Mei Mei Bakery, but give her a try. I know I will again.

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