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Zhao Ravioli Dumplings (ex Trilogie spot)

maj54us | Jun 14, 2017 07:55 PM

Zhao ravioli dumplings
8521 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2P 2M9

Was in the neighborhood so why not. If you don't take a chance you'll never know. In my head I was minded and knew it wouldn't be as good as Trilogie but I was pleasantly surprised by my chicken and shiitake mushroom boiled dumplings. Actually the flavors were at the levels of trilogie except for the dough that has nothing to do with trilogie.

15 pcs for 14$ if my memory is right 1$ more for steamed 2$ more for pan fried. That concept applies for all their dumplings. Not good marketing in my opinion.

The verdict by my taste buds? It was above par with very good flavours. Actually it was great flavours. Maybe to much thickness on the dough but one thing for sure it was much tastier that any of Quin Hua and most of chinatown that I tried that are flavorless.

The other thing is the person who sealed the dumpling is a master as there was no water inside any of them. I can't vouch for the other dumplings on the menu at Zhao but I liked the place enough to go back and try the others ones the menu.

Also I tried their scallions pancake 3$ which was tasty but maybe to much frying oil. I used a napkin to remove oil and it was soaked.

The tall young chinese waiter maybe the owner was very nice and friendly.

Prices are a bit high in my opinion especially for lunch hours. They need lunch specials.

I was there at 12h30pm and there was 5 people

One Good thing they are open monday to saturday 11am to 8pm.

Sad trilogie fans should give this place a try because flavors were not disappointing.

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